Smoant Campbel Kit - A Newbie Review

I won my Smoant Campbell from a contest that was held by @Heaven_Gifts , and below would be my experience with it after using it for a few days.

I got the sample kit, and In the package that I received (and it was a beautiful and well thought packaging),

I got 3 coils (1 in the tank), 1 charging cable, 1 piece of tank / bong, 1 mod, spare glass for the tank and bong, 1 of each, warranty card, User manual (only in English and Chinese), Battery warning card, Quality Control Pass card, and a warning card for recommended liquid for the bong.

I didn’t get spare O rings, maybe because they sent me a sample Kit.

Let’s talk about the mod first.!

It’s a mechanical mod with a safety chipset, I think is the term? The protection it provides are :

  • Reverse Battery protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Over time protection (If you fire for more than 10 seconds, the mod will cut off and the light will blink 5x.
  • Over heating protection
  • Short circuit protection (Mod will blink 3x)
  • Low Power protection (if your battery’s power is too low, the mod will blink 3x)

Only 1 button on the mod, and it turn on or off your mod when pushed 5x in 2 seconds, and of course, fire your tank. A micro USB port to charge. You could put atomizer on this mod up to 24 mm without overhang.

It operates on 1 – 80 Watts, Voltage range is 3,2 – 4,2 V, use a single 18650 Battery, Resistance range is 0,08 to 3 Ohm, and charging capability from 0,5 to 1 Amp.

The battery goes from under the mod, however, the markings for + and – are not very clear, and the battery door have a play to it when open. When closed, I don’t have any problem with it.

A simple mod, with good paint that I found to be finger print magnet.

Anyway, it does what it said it does. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and while it wont replace my Paranormal 250c, it’s a good mod to carry around.

The biggest con I have for the mod is that the battery LED only on when the button is pushed. If only it light up a little longer. Oh, and if I didn’t use it for a while, even when the battery is low, the light will show full capacity if you press the button quickly. I found that it will show the real battery capacity if you press the button for more than 3 seconds.

Now for the Tank / Bong part.

4 airflow holes at the bottom of the Tank part, each at 2mm, with a restrictive draw.

This Tank use a Ni80 coils, Ohming at 0,2, and best operating at 30 – 60 Watts.

The Tank have a hole on top to connect with the bong part. However, this hole is too small for a 510 drip tips. If only I could put a 510 drip tip on it, I could have more options. Maybe just put the Bong part at home, and carry the Tank with me. The flavor I have from the tank is good.

The drip tip is proprietary, and I found it actually comfortable to use.

There’s no coil or heater in the Bong part, so it wont vaporized the soda.

Vaping this with Cake flavor in the Tank and Cola in the Bong, I got spit backs like crazy… you have to treat this Tank as MTL to get no spitbacks from it. Even then, I got very little Cola flavor from this. Maybe try with flavor mixed with Distilled water for flavor pairing? That could be useful if you make your own Juice…

After that dissappointment, I cheated and went to Google for a better Vape experience with this Tank.

U/AnthonyVapes at Reddit ( ) said that he had tried this Tank at ECC Ontario 2018 and said that Smoant actually put Whiskey in the Bong part at the time. While he didn’t tasted much of the Whiskey flavor, he got alcohol rush from vaping it. I think from the fumes? Smoant representative at Reddit concur that it was originally designed to use with alcoholic beverages in the bong. However, marketing wise, that could be use by anti-vape to bash more on vaping, so they decided to advertised this kit as soda vape kit and dropped the alcohol promotion aspect.

I haven’t got a chance to try this tank with alcohol or to try some flavor pairing with flavor diluted in distilled water in the bong.

My wishlist for this kit :

  • Better Battery LED that actually shows how much battery left, and stayed on for a few seconds after the fire button was released
  • A connector for drip tip for the Tank part so I could vape this without the Bong, because the Tank is actually producing decent flavor
  • I have the sample kit, so I didn’t get the spare O rings. Hopefully the one that they sell would have the spare O rings

So, that was my experience so far with this kit, I realize it is not much of a review. Sorry about that. And thank you for reading this.

@SmilingOgre just put up a review of this kit and since he is a very technical reviewer, if you want to know the technical aspects of this kit I suggest you watch his review.

PS : Kudos to all reviewers. Writing review is harder than I thought, I ended up just writing my experience with this kit.


Thanks for the review!

Both your and @SmilingOgre 's review confirm all i thought about this kit


It’s a good piece to show off your vape friends though… Thank you for the comment.


@delltrapp Good review. I read it with pleasure. Waiting for your new reviews!


Thank you for the comment.


Great review! You’re a natural. Really great to read what someone else thinks. It’s a real different kinda thing. Thanks for the tag as well!


That’s what we all do and why it is so good to read reviews from different people.
We all have our own angles of looking at things and are OCD about different things too.

I think you did great, not the device for me but there’s nothing wrong with your review :+1:


Thank you for the comments @SmilingOgre and @Josephine_van_Rijn
It’ s not for me either, honestly


You did a great review. Whether we as reviews like or dislike the product is largely moot. We can only do so much. We can’t see it through everybody else’s eyes.


Anything you add alcohol to sounds at least promising… :face_with_monocle:

Still, such a weird little thing!


Thank you for the kind words.

It is, isn’t it? Of course, you could always drink said alcohol…

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Yes, of course… They should put a straw on it too, so you don’t have to do it bong-style because I wouldn’t do that anyway. I’ve actually never even held a bong in my hands, much less used one. I’m saving myself for the right drug.

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Very interesting tidbit!
Thanks for sharing!

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That’s all you should do brother, nice job, thanks for sharing your views :wink:

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@delltrapp Couldn’t agree with @adary more. Great to have you and @SmilingOgre both review this, in different ways. I know this HAS been said, but, mixing vaping and soda ?? !!! Who-da thunk it.


@anon44944642 Wait a minute, did I MISS the sign up sheet for this ??

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It’s intended to use with alcohol originally. Thanks for the comment!


Well, I did not know that !!!



Perfect. Just what I wanted to know. Referring to the soda part as a bong helped me immensely. I just did not get it but now I do. Thank you. The Bong part yep now I get it.

OOPS, my bad. What’s a bong? :wink: