Smoant Pasito and an RBA


Dan Dan Dan…
I only tease cuz I think you are teazable… :stuck_out_tongue: (is that a word?) No I tease in hopes you will laugh… :crazy_face:

That sucks on the pasito and the rba… does it effect the pod too? I dont need it, or want it, and I have hooked up everyone I know locally with set ups, drippers and tanks. I know someone out there will want it because they need it. I do coils myself… and atm hooked on that wasp nano tank I have, and I have another one coming too… as well as a wasp dripper and caps and tank bowls and lol…

Took a break from my site to watch your vid… Go find something that makes your tounge Happy!! :tada:
Hope your day will go great! :hugs:


Very nice Dan.

I have 3 of em (rta’s) and 2 more coming TODAY. lol

Next - getting a few RDA’ next for my squonker. :rofl:

So the rta’s - took a little time but the sweet spot I found is a single core clapton like a ss 28/34 or 26/32 and set it very low like 3mm off the bottom and it hits so good no spitting and is absolute flavor heaven, when set-up that way. (for me, hopefully for you also)


You just talking bout my set up, is all :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds exactly like how I have mine… and I love it!!
I took err someone’s advise and went to fasttech and got a few replacement bowl glasses and tops for mine, as well as my dripper and top caps and aww heck I forgot now… it must be coming in soon haha!!! :crazy_face::tada::beer:


“Go find something that makes your tongue Happy!!”

And Dan…please let us know what you found! heh heh :yum:



Sometimes, there are things, that JUST keep people coming back…



It’s got to be a word and if it isn’t… it is now and I agree, I am for sure teazable. I just put that word and spelling into my dictionary so there word police. (just in case any word police see this)

I’ve heard good things about it but never did grab one.

Oh man, I was horribly sick all day and am going to see if I can keep some broth in me. I took a minute to log in and am glad I did. Y’all (and I mean all) made me feel better. Thanks

:smiley: will do.

I always look forward to finding out what part you find the funniest and am always surprised. Thanks for that.

:smiley::call_me_hand: Mahalo


Sure hope you get to feeling better @Dan_the_Man
at least it’snot slowing down your super duper taste buds!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it sounds crazy but its the only thing I could think of.
Thank you for the Luv. :grinning:


Appreciate the review. Good to know it’s a looser. BTW, what did you do? Stick your tongue on a scanner and send in a pdf for analysis?


:laughing::innocent: Not quite. I just used my webcam. I have an app on my phone that probably could have pulled it off. It’s really a fascinating article and I am searching for more info on the matter but for me it makes sense. I have done reviews in the past about certain concentrates and such and always find that most people think I’m crazy for not liking what everybody else likes. Curious though, now that I think about it. I don’t get the pepper that a lot of people get with let’s say TFA custard or VBIC or any other flavor.


This didn’t make the cut even though I thought it did. enjoy cat fans