Smoant Pasito experience ...... not a review

About 6 weeks ago, I won the Smoant Pasito giveaway sponsored by @3avape

They asked if I’d write about my ‘experience’ with it, so here it is, not a review.

TLDR; Buying my 2nd this long weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:

This was my first interaction with 3avape . First Smoant device, and only my second pod device.

3avape was prompt and a pleasure to deal with. I’ll probably start throwing some business their way, as they’re competitive with the other vendors.

November will make 4 years vaping, and I normally use a Billet Box as my high nic restricted DL device, and nearly always in TC. Otherwise a single coil TC vaper.

This Smoant Pasito is a little flavor beast, along the lines of my Kayfun 5 with fully wide open airflow. I only got a chance to use the 1.4 ohm coil, and after 30ml at the 2nd setting (13 watts) I just had to move on, although it seemed there was no degradation of flavor. I mixed a 12mg/ml salt, 50/50 juice of FA Soho, some other stuff, and no sweetener. When I ripped the pod apart it appeared to have been a 30awg Ni80 vertical coil with the tiniest white cotton. About 11 wraps. I did not find this to be a mouth to lung coil at all. Just a very restricted DL.

3avape was kind enough to send along the RBA which was a pleasant surprise. It’s not that much of a pain to build on if you’ve built small coils before, but twisting the legs backwards can be a little frustrating. I found the tiny screws kept loosening as I was manipulating the coil, and checked them at least 3 or 4 times. When removing the RBA from the 510 adaptor, I’d slide a thumbnail in the little slot on the RBA down by the base so I could turn the separate pieces. For my coil I built a single 26awg 2.5 mm 8 or 9 wraps Kanthal coil which came out to be about 1 ohm. My concerns with the RBA were how close the coil legs came to the deck itself. The airflow and flavor came out very similar to the 1.4 ohm coil, but I vaped it at the 3rd light (16 watts). The RBA includes some unknown wire and 4 extra screws. Some cotton, but I’ve never used free cotton.

I haven’t used the .6 ohm coil, but felt bad about how long this had already taken.

  • Battery life is great, usually recharging once a day, going through about 6ml a day at 2 lights. Recharging is only taking an hour, and that’s when it’s completely dead. I’ve spoken with others who say their device takes 90 minutes.
  • I didn’t realize there was a covering over the panels till about a week after owning it. I’ve been told it’s on each panel, but I only got the larger panel on the light side removed.
  • The device is aluminium, and my Gunmetal still looks brand new. No ratlles and very clicky.
  • The pod is held in by super strong magnets and has never come loose from the device. It’s also tinted quite heavily, but you can usually see the level of juice remaining.
  • The base of the device is black and has not shown any wear marks from heavy use.
  • The pod is really meant to be refilled while in the device. Chubby gorilla bottle tips cause the top of the coil housing to push aside as it’s too narrow to clear without touching. Once you unscrew the knurled top, the gold bottom that slides up into the pod is loose to move, but the body of the mod keeps it in place, or your finger if you want to fill it outside of the body housing.


I haven’t even thought of using my BB over the past 3 weeks.
I’ll be ordering my 2nd Pasito over the long weekend, along with another RBA. It really is that good … to me.
IMHO this device is best for an already vaper looking for a stealth device with that added bonus of adjustable watts.

I needed to get in touch with Smoant, and their CS group seems on the ball, unlike your typical horror stories.

Any questions, just ask.


You forgot to say, “And for the low low price of ________ you can get them at!!!”


Dang. Hotay.
A quick look shows 3avape at $35, FT at $26. Or, vapecrawler is always your friend.


Congrats on nearly 4 years smoke-free! I always thought the Billit Box was a mech mod. Didn’t know they have a TC version.


Thank you for this… was hoping someone would post this up…

but I did go with yet another mod, just got here today…

I love this one… I think I need a few more, and at 31.00 yeah… the deck is larger than the pasito, and a 4ml squonker… :wink:


Yeah, their latest (for about the last 2 years) is the Rev 4B, which has a DNA 60. But no USB port. China (SXK) has cloned it, with USB.


I only entered the draw because of the RBA, and the 1100 mAh battery. My expectations were exceeded with this device.

Hope you like what you got. Sadly my few squonkers just gather dust now.


aww I tell ya I am happy I picked this one, @big_vape

Sure it’s tiny, but it packs a punch. not really a cloud monster, but with nic salts, it doesn’t need to be.
I think I have a nic high atm… wee… lol… this def is one of the best.

I had the vv squonker when the first one came out. Cheap plastic and one drop on carpet, it all fell apart…
This one too is plastic but much better done. I will make a laynard for it… so I wont loose it at the clubs or grocery store :wink:


Thx man, i am despredly searching after another mod these days, own the Smoant Charon did not had any clue on the other products of Smoant the past 2 years…