Smoant Warranty Swap out

I bought the Smoant Cylon to learn that its screen was faulty. (It still fires but dead pixels galore but I activated the warranty to get a replacement for it) I paid over 3 weeks ago and was supposed to get it within 10 days, I emailed them asking what’s up, and they said the following:

sorry for reply late.

since the cylon’s screen is exposed that the juice very easily leaks into and damage it.

so we decide to send you our new product charon mini mod,which have no issue with the screen.

and we can send the package out today by DHL,you can get it in 4-6 days.

Anyone se or know the mini mod and if its a bag of problems? The warranty team is kinda effy but maybe its a language barrier or something?

Anyway, thanks in advance!!



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I don’t have either mods, so I basing this entirely on pictures and reviews. But I will say that the Charon mini is basically version 2 of the Cylon, slightly smaller but with the same layout of screen and buttons etc. and also a dual 18650 mod, and of course with a newer version of the chipset.

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I would personally opt for getting another Cylon.

I have the Charon Mini (in hand actually), but am working towards a review…
I’ve been using it for a week now though, and I’ll just say there’s a few reasons I much prefer the Cylon.

I would chalk it up to just bad luck on your first one. And I’ve not seen nor heard any kind of mass issue (unlike the Smok Alien for instance, that had a hoard of bad lcd issues).


Theoretically, yes. But in execution (at least for the revision I have, at the moment) no.
The Cylon is superior IMO (“final thoughts” still pending of course). But only by small margin (minor issues) comparatively to the competition.
Both are Very Respectable!

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I’ve never had the Cylon, but did have the Charon TS with which I was very happy, so maybe the Charon Mini is as good. Just my 2c worth.

Thanks for the reply, would you recommend me just asking to keep the original charon shipment and not the charon mini?

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If you had a Cylon, get another Cylon (as a replacement). If you had a Charon TS, I can’t say, as I haven’t used one.

oh, its the charon mini, and thanks! i’ll keep it in mind

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this helps

i have 2 charon TC 218 and a cylon and a battlestar all of them are golden ( great )

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