Smok Alien question about buttons

Bought a new Smok Alien a couple of weeks ago and I truly believe it has been my favorite mod so far. Feels great in the hand and works great. The only issue I have found though is there seems to be no way to lock the up/down buttons for the wattage without locking the entire mod. Maybe I’ve missed something but I have accidentally cranked this thing up to 220 watts on a 30 watt coil twice.


I think you are correct no lock of just+. -

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it locks everything no other option

It’s my only disappointment with the mod, but what you’ve found is correct. Seems really dumb that they made the 5 clicks on the fire bar do exactly the same as holding both up and down buttons simultaneously. Fire bar should lock the mod from firing and the up/down buttons should lock any adjustments from happening.


With the newest update you can lock the device by pushing + and - simultaneously, it does lock the whole device but by simply repeating that move you can unlock to use. It will keep you from changing settings and is easier than five clicks of the fire bar.

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That was in the original firmware too. But when I drive I throw my vape in the cupholder and it always ends up ratcheting the wattage way up or down. I don’t want to have to lock and unlock to take a few puffs. I just want the screen/settings locked. Besides, why have to ways two do the same thing.

I don’t know why two options but I can say that I can place my thumb over the + and - buttons, push them simultaneously getting it to lock or unlock.

I carry the mod in a cup holder also but have not run into your problem, admittedly not all cup holders are shaped the same.

I’ve bumped mine up on accident several times. I’m wondering if it is just a design flaw. I had hoped the new firmware would correct it but it did not. I just updated to 1.2.11


I’ve just got one of these and it is really annoying but I’ve found a workaround for this problem.
If you always crank at the same wattage (like I do) and have no reason to change it, there’s a nice way around the problem.
You have the option to change ALL of the memory settings to the same wattage so no matter how many times you press the up and down buttons while unlocked, all it does it change the memory setting and not the wattage.
So to change the memory settings, click the fire button 3 times in quick succession, go to mode, scroll to memory, change the strength (soft, medium, hard), and then there’s 22 memory settings. You can change ALL of these to the same wattage.
Now when you’re on your normal screen, in the bottom left it should say MODE and then M1, M2, M3 etc… and you’ll notice that when you press +/- while unlocked, all it does is change the memory setting and not the wattage, and because all your memory settings are the same, it won’t change the wattage.
If you want different wattages, and want to change on command, then I guess you’re S#!t out of luck though.
Hope this helps.

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Mine was sat on and was turned down all the way to only 6 watts. Ever since then my up button doesn’t work and i cant turn it back up to normal wattage. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Zg_xviii Run a firmware update, just may fix your problem.