Smok alien screen protector

I assume the picture with a USB port coming out the battery door is an error.

They are the ticket. Protect the paint and look cool. Nice find.


Have bitten the bullet and gone with the Tron style with glow in the dark base…excited!


not stupid at all i have had my two aliens since middle of november i use them every day

thats the only scratch on either and i sit them together in a cup holder , if my fiance had them they would be chipping for sure lol


those are cool i have a rx200 and a k120 i need too wrap they both still work great

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I’m a bit excited! Will post pics as soon as I’ve wrapped it (unless it’s a disaster :joy::joy:)


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I’m not fussed now, my alien has become my carry round, I have stuff I’ll never take out of the house, as long as they stay pretty I’m all good with the world :wink: :grin:


It’s still my bestest favourite mod…it’s just gonna glow in the dark (big kid) :joy:


Gotta love Tron tho…lets be honest :ok_hand: gonna look awesome :wink:

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I forget where I found the skins. I will look today and post

The Nebula skin is on it’s way.

Hi @Volition

If your in the U.K. This guy does custom screen protectors the Alien one is £3.49

He’s got 100% feedback and they also come in different colors.

I’ve got an Alien too & love it, it’s so small and easy to travel about with, I have noticed a scratch on the top and was a bit miffed but then thought screw it. It goes everywhere with me and even without a sleeve, this is my basher mod (protector is still on though)

Found the guy as I was looking for one for my g-priv

Amazon could also be a good place to look.

Here’s the link…

Nice one @Lolly those are sweet :smile:

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@Volition that’s a cool mod where do you put the juice :laughing:


You got me at it, would love to see your Tron wrap, please post some pics.

In the meantime I couldn’t resist the Alien Circuit Board for my Smok… guess :smiley:

Yep you got it Alien :alien:

Anyway I thought I would post some pics of my modded mod :laughing:

Thanks @Lolly great link & awesome wraps :wink:

All the best


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That’s come up pretty well.

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Sweet thanks @Volition

That’s what ZapWrapz said when I tweeted them the pics.

Less than half an hour, while the misses was having a bath, lesser of two evils :wink:

Anyway she’s got the flu so wrap the mod was my choice lol :joy:

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Great job - looks fab!

Here’s some of mine…

It was a bit fiddly in places but has stuck really well. And it does glow in the dark which amuses me at night :joy:


Hey @Lolly

Your Alien looks well cool, shush! Do you think we will be the first to be abducted :smile:
You can be probed first as yours glows in the dark :laughing: and it looks well cool :sunglasses:

And seriously thanks for the heads up, I’d never heard of mod wraps till you mentioned zapwrapz, much appreciated.

These wraps are awesome, when I open the cupboard now, I can see all my mods shaking?
Are they scared or do the wanna be wrapped :joy:???

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