Smok alien screen protector

I can’t seem to find the screen protectors anywhere? Googled everything? Does anyone know where to get them. The one I got came off.

If not I’ll just cut up a phone one or maybe not even worry. But I’d think if they are in the kits now, someone is making them and I doubt it’s only for the kits.

After seeing how bad the finish on these chip and scratch, I don’t understand why they are so popular? Never understood those that liked the IPV’s. Am I stupid for liking mods that stay pretty?


Not at all! :smiley:

Mine was beautiful until the paint started scratching off a couple weeks ago. It works great, but SMOK really need to sort this paint issue out :weary:


Yes, well you asked. :wink:

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I wonder if a paint defender or something like that would help?

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Yeah sure it might. I’m ordering a silicone sleeve that is designed for the mod, that’ll do what I need. I’d rather they had anodised the paint or likewise but am not too fussed. It’s not the good China so to speak.

Might even look alright if you scrape it all off and polish it up. But I couldn’t be bothered and have about 1000 things if higher priority. Sleeve it is for my basher mod. It’s such a good traveller.

However still interested if anyone knows where to get screen protector.


I have seen vape skins for other mods, There is some for the alien.

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:-1: Booooooooo! As the young people say, haters gonna hate.


Pretty cool

Update The skin I got doesn’t cover a lot of the mod, My image is like a picture of a face with the nose where the ear is???


Jealousy my lifelong burden

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Nope, but it is a good idea to have a mod or two you don’t have to worry about. I have a Joyetech cuboid and a cuboid mini. The paint on the mini has seen much better days but I’m using it when i am on the road or where i don’t want to risk taking the nice ones.

Well yes I did :slight_smile:
I never ask a question that

  1. I want a lie for an answer, and
  2. That I’m not prepared for any and all responses without being offended :wink:

And I do get the point about having mods for ease of taking anywhere that you don’t have to worry about. But there are so many inexpensive choices these days that do take a beating and still look good while doing it. If people would stop buying the crappy stuff vendors would be forced to improve quality to stay competitive…just sayin’

And I’m sorry I derailed the thread…I’ll take my spankings like a good girl :smiling_imp:


BTW, and in my favorite color too



Ya here is where i got mine

@Volition I have about 10 of em here (not scr protector but silcon protector) will send one to ya if you haven’t already got one.

That is a really cool skin…I would have to get one and use it if I got one, to keep it purty…Is it from vaporskinz?

Good point. I guess I am just a bit of a fan of that beaten up look. It can make it look more robust like old army equipment or an old Fender Strat.

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Only if it’s not too much of a inconvenience. That would be amazing.

Was just teasing Mysty, I think your point is valid. Though I’m not fussed with this mod. I’ve changed career path studying a programming degree and living of my payout from my last job. Things are tight so it was what it was. I would rather have top notch mods to be honest with you I’d spend a lot more if the resources allowed. I respect good gear, you go get it that well engineered stuff and I’ll bloody compromise till I get this degree finished. Studying after 24 years break is taxing, phew.

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Nice mystic, never use think I better start remembering it. That’s a chicks site right! :astonished::wink:

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Don’t know, just what came up on google. I’ve seen a couple people on here buy SS wire from someone on that site.

And I wish I could get top notch mods also…lol. My hubby splurged at Christmas and got me one that cost $70, but I’ve never paid over $47 for one…lol.

I’m alright with my crappy budget though…I don’t have to cry if something happens to one of those beautiful big expensive high class mods…I just cough up another $30-40 for a new cheapy and call it good :wink:

I’m really liking my Sigelei 213…works great and no paint to chip. Thinking I might have to get another or the 223 when the price drops.


Found these also

EDit: I think I want one of these for my alien :smiley: Opinions welcomed!