Smok Brit One kits, simplicity works

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The Brit Mini tank and Brit One kits were sourced from Smoktech!


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed something from Smok, though my love for their gear has not subsided in any way.
The last mod I had the pleasure of using was the G-Priv, a touchscreen beast capable of pushing 220W and looking damn fine while doing so.
Todays gear is a little more on the subtle side of things, a bit simpler and more geared towards starters and flavorchasers alike.

The Brit One kits come in two flavors, let’s find out what they do!

Smok Brit One kit


  • Available in two kinds of kit: Mega and Mini

Brit One Mini

  • MiSub battery: 1600mAh
  • 15W to 35W power output
  • 22mm diameter
  • Brit Mini tank included (2ml capacity)
  • Coilheads included: 2 x BM2 0.6ohm dual core (rated for 15W to 35W)

Brit One Mega

  • MiSub battery: 2000mAh
  • 30W to 45W power output
  • 24.5mm diameter
  • Brit Cloud tank included (2ml capacity)
  • Coilheads included: 2 x B2 0.3ohm dual core (rated for 20W to 50W)


Brit Mini Flavor Tank

The kits

Brit One Mega kit

Brit One Mini kit


Ok, bear with me for a short story to lead into the actual review.
There’s a part of the market that is often easily overlooked, the segment where starters and less intricate mods reside.
A couple of years ago, when I started vaping, this segment of the market was a lot more prominent because mods in general were a lot simpler.
There wasn’t as much choice in boards and display sizes, there weren’t mods to push 200 watts or more.
Despite that simpler market I needed advice from people who were already vaping, which in my case I got from /r/electronic_cigarette, an international subreddit for vapers.
My first mod was a simple MVP2.0 with a Nautilus, which I ran at a whopping 11W. I wasn’t rebuilding coilheads, I wasn’t even aware of DIY liquids, I was a newbie vaper who was just happy to quit smoking.

Nowadays choice in mods and atomizers is plentiful and with that comes another issue, new vapers often don’t know where to start and what to choose.
I’ve often read threads on various forums where a smoker wants to make the switch to vaping, and more often than not those threads derail into a discussion from vapers that all claim their device is the best.
The thing with that kind of advice is… it’s not catered to the smoker.
A new vaper doesn’t need a 200W cloudchucking mod with tripletwisted cameltoe clapton coils at 0.01ohm wicked with pink yogapants and more airflow than a jetengine.

Case in point; a while back I was speaking with a woman (a police officer who did a routine check on me while I was parked) who wanted to quit smoking.
When we were talking I had a 100W mod with me and a tank that was anything but subtle, which turned her off from vaping quite fast.
She wanted something to replace cigarettes, not something to fog up the van in under a minute (though honestly, I’d laugh my ass off seeing that). After trying to explain the differences in MTL and DTL to her, I sent her a link to buy an Innokin Endura.
A few weeks later she let me know that she had smoked her last cigarette and felt happy with the Endura.
Several months later she asked me how she could get something with a bit more kick to it, something that pushes a bit more power and has a more open draw.
And that’s where these Brit One kits came into play…

The Smok Brit One kit comes in two variaties, the Mega and the Mini.
The Brit One Mini is the smaller pen-styled one, the Brit One Mega resembles a tubemod in size.
Not only do they look different, the performance between the two is different too.

Let’s look at the Brit One Mini first.
The Mini is the smallest of the two and resembles a typical pen-styled setup the most.
It’ll fit in your pocket easily, it doesn’t weigh much, but it performs like a proper mod would.
Except it doesn’t have any complicated settings nor does it have many buttons.
It has one button in fact, the firing button, which is used to turn the battery on and off with a couple of quick clicks or to fire the atomizer.
Around the button is a white ring which will light up when firing the mod, and it will blink when the battery doesn’t have enough charge in it anymore to properly power the coils.
The MiSub battery has a capacity of 1600mAh and has a poweroutput ranging from 15W to 35W, depending on the resistance of the coils.
This won’t last you the entire day if you vape frequently, but charging is fairly quick through the USB port.

On top of the Brit One Mini is a Brit Mini tank with a capacity of 2ml.
It measures 22mm in diameter fits the MiSub battery perfectly, the tanks are also colormatched to the battery.
The coilhead that it comes with preinstalled is a BM2 0.6ohm dual coil, and is in fact rated specifically for this setup.
It provides a warm and dense vape with a lot of flavor, but has some restriction to the airflow that keeps it from being a cloudchucker.
It’s just an enjoyable, slightly restricted, direct lunghit.

The Brit One Mega looks a bit more like a classic tubemech, in the sense that it has more girth to it.
It measures 24.5mm in diameter and the MiSub+ has a capacity of 2000mAh, 400 more than it’s smaller counterpart.
The same functionality is found in this setup, except for the power output, which has been raised to a respectable 20W to 50W.
On top is the Brit Cloud tank, which as the name suggests, is a fair bit more suited for more vapor production.
The Brit Cloud tank comes with a B2 0.3ohm coilhead preinstalled. It provides a dense vape and works very well for DTL hits, but the flavor is definitely less prominent.
With a capacity of only 2ml the Brit Cloud tank is a bit small at this kind of power and the liquid will be gone quickly.
Regardless of this, there are other options for coilheads and some will perform better than others.

Now to finish the story, my friend decided on the Brit Mega because of the bigger battery.
After using it for a week or two, she sent me a text asking for a link to a shop where she could buy coilheads and seems generally very happy with the setup.
Fastforward another two weeks, we met up for drinks and I finally got to meet her significant other who also was looking to quit smoking and had been using the Endura.
She mentioned the Endura was a good setup but didn’t give her the nicotine fix she was looking for, so she wanted one of the Brit One kits too.
Long story short, they’re now both vaping happily on Brit One Mega kits. All because she didn’t trust a guy sitting in his car with the windows down and fog rolling out…
Simplicity works.


Brit One Mega kit

Brit One Mini kit

Pros and Cons.


  • Easy to use, no fuss mods
  • Pocketable, low weight
  • Coilheads are tailored to the batterys poweroutput
  • Easy to fill tanks


  • B2 coilheads are less flavorful
  • 1600mAh battery runs out quickly

In conclusion.

I often wonder why the starter segment of the market is less prominently served but when I compare it to the starterkits that were around when I first started, there’s so much choice right now.
And the Brit One kits aren’t just starterkits, they’re fully functional setups that even weathered vapers might be interested in.
Given that the batteries and coilheads are tailored to one another makes the Brit one kits extremely easy to get into.
They don’t look too bad, they’re easy to pocket, and they just work without having to fiddle with settings.
I prefer the somewhat bulkier Brit One Mega myself because of the increased capacity, but when it comes to flavor the Brit One Mini does a slightly better job.
Overall I think these are both decent steps up from a regular pen-styled vape. I won’t replace them if they break, but I will still use them from time to time.

In closing I would like to thank Smoktech for sending out the Brit One kits!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at the Wotofo Chieftain! A 26650 mod capable of 80W and temperature control!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of gingerbread and coffee scented vapor

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:joy: Hahahaha!

These look like solid starter kits and if I had the money to buy the coils I would get one just for the simplicity.

Thanks for another awesome review :smile:


Haha, brilliant. Excellent work boss :wink: someone was asking me today if I knew of any excellent starter devices, this looks right up his street :+1:


these are great i have three smok plus stick kits which are basically same thing except have the nano tfv4 as the tank they also just put out a v8 stick which has a small baby beast these kits put out some clouds and are great on the go


smok also has a vape22 pen which is their cheapest i have that as well it is a nice little kit as well for beginners it would be great you cant adjust air flow but its a nice little kit

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Indeed they are, I reviewed them a while back.
Though I have to say the Brit tanks definitely differ in flavor, and the button on the battery has also received an upgrade in terms of tactile feedback.


nice ill have to grab one i love those when on the road the v8 looks good as well