Smok coils

Are there tricks or tips to avoid that horrible break in taste with smok coils? i use tfv12 Q4 coils and for about a whole tank it gives off a horrible taste until it is broke in. i also let my coils sit in juice for at least a week before i even put them in but that doesn’t seem to help much with tue break in


I know what you speak of and unfortunately it comes from the wire they use. Yes some are worse than others but they all have that metallic taste until they break in. I know of no way to stop it other than building your own coils.


I find it’s the cotton that tastes rank on the smok coils…normally passes after a couple of ml though.


There isn’t a good way around it. But if you don’t want to waste finished liquid vape a few mls of pg/vg. That way your not using your flavoring and you may like the taste of pg/vg and open a whole new world of light flavoring…like a small tiny touch of vanilla to pg/vg or even mint.


I never experienced a gross flavor with the new coils. I prim so much though that I about flood it and get super juice hits for a bit lol