Smok GCT Review

Thank you to Anita at GearBest for forwarding me this tank for review


Dimensions : 22x77 mm Capacity: 4ml
Weight: 60 g Thread: 510

This tank comes very nicely packaged , good sturdy box and well protected . In the box you get the tank( coil already installed), an extra coil, and my favorite Extra Glass ! ( more tanks should come with them)

The smok GCT is an upgrade over the VCT in that it uses 0.2 ohm temperature sensing coils ( ni200) . They have redesigned the airflow to accommodate both styles of vaping . I wouldn’t say the airflow is as wide open as an Arctic or Goblin or anything but it’s certainly not restricted either .


I was fairly impressed with the performance of this tank given that I usually wrap my own coils . The coils themselves are made from Japanese cotton and read perfectly and vape extraordinarily well providing a rich flavourful vape. I’ve been using the same coil for almost a week and have had no drop in performance or resistance so that’s always a good sign .

The airflow adjustment is smooth and clicks into place and you have no worries that it won’t stay there . You have four choices of airflow , the largest being 9.2 x 2.2 mm and the smallest 2.2 mm . More than enough airflow for me but others ( especially drippers) may feel restricted .


I’m not fussy on the look of this tank . I think the gold accents cheapen it but that’s just me . Not much to say on this topic as taste is subjective .


  • Performs well
  • Coils have great flavor
  • It’s cheaper than most tanks in this category


  • You only have one choice of coil resistance
  • Styling


Would I buy one no , because I don’t like the look of the tank . That’s my opinion as others will like it . It does work very well though so I wouldn’t hesitate to get one if I liked the styling . Coils are very reasonably priced as well so it’s a very cheap option compared to other tanks in the same arena .

Again thanks for reading guys and if you want to pick one up GearBest has a great deal on them . Cheers

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Nice. It looks kinda weird with the gold rings - Strange to only have one type of coil too…

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