Smok giveaway 8.24-9.16

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know that smoke is giving away a vape kit of a TF4V tank and the X Cube 2 starting today until sept 16th for anyone interested-

Good luck!

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Anybody figure out where to enter on that site?

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Yeah I’m not sure either? Sorry guys maybe it’s the time difference and the sweepstakes hasn’t opened yet? Although that makes no sense and maybe I should go to bed lol

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I just looked at this site again and still can’t figure out how to enter the contest…

Yeah I’m starting to feel a bit like a dick now…thanks Smok!

Not your fault @DarthVapor3 ! They are the dick’s to tell us there is a giveaway and not give us an option to enter it! They are just playing with our emotions!

Whatever you do, don’t send an email to about it which is listed on their site. It’s not a real email address:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 RC:NE The email account does not exist

Well thank you…I still feel bad for getting this up here and then they drop the ball leaving me standing here like a patsy

ECF must have something to do with this? Both @ffrank and I looked but we can’t find anything either…

Maybe it starts August 24th…2027?


Smok REALLY needs to get their shit together!!
Besides the buggy SHIT app they provide, their “instructions” that read like they were written by a 4 year old chinese boy that doesn’t know 1 word of english, I can’t even subscribe to their mailing list!?!
Tells me to enter my username(email) and when I start typing ANYTHING I get WRONG FORMAT??
And now this giveaway crap??

If their Xcube 2 wasn’t so damn good I would never look at them again, this company is so f’ing unorganized…

Here you go guys…

Me and giveaways are like Charlie Brown and Halloween…oh well, still gotta try.

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You my friend…are a saint :wink:

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Yeah…wish the horns didn’t block the view of the halo.

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Oh did you think I meant a heavenly saint? You are the mighty V-saint of the vaporground! Hile!

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Their sign up form is just as broken and unorganized as their app and the rest of it! Haha I have 1000s of points and counting even though I’m sure that won’t help my chances given how meased up it is :wink: