Smok Marshal

Has anyone bought one and the screen go on them… Mine did in the first hour or so😫… Spewing too… Been absolutely poor customer service… trying to get a replacement or refund, even store credit… Really like the Marshal G320… Can anyone else recommend a great cheap 3 battery mod?



I cant speak for the 200s but my RX (pre ‘s’) has been …& still is a champ.

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Another for the RX 200

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My RX200 is still going strong after more than a year of use.

Just gave my rx200s to my bro for his bday… coz i got the new marshal :thinking: should have kept it …

1 Like Give them a call, When I had to get my Alien repaired they were very responsive.


I’ve spent the last week inside of 3 aliens… And I’ll just say that I had a less than favorable opinion given everything I’ve read about Smok BEFORE I went hands on, and IN depth with these few examples of “Smok quality” and “Smok support” (at least from a web-based perspective).

My mantra at the moment has been revised to:
Friends don’t let friends Smok


I disagree

True friends let friends Smok

I completely respect your right to such an opinion, but I’ll be sharing some insights from a technical viewpoint (hopefully in the next few days) that might change your position. It may not though, and that’s fine too. But at the very least, it should definitely give you a few points to consider before spending your hard earned dollars on an over-priced and poorly supported…
/stifles it for the ‘report’

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A bit of what I was referring to, should you be inclined to read a novel. lol

Also, the Xcube shares similar issues with the alien as I’ve read during google searching more data on the Aliens. Possibly even the same chipset. I know for fact that the design/location of the LCD on the xcube is poor due to proximity of the 510 and leakage issues. Among other commonalities. I’m geniunely glad that you’ve not been bitten yet!!


No more SMOK for me !

Wish I did a bit more reading on elr before buying… Cheers again for that effort dude @sprkslfy. … You are the DUDE