Smok Morph 219

Is anyone EU/U.K using the Smok Morph 219 (Baby/Mini.) I started vaping 4 weeks ago and this is my first Ecig. The Coil came pre installed with the 0.15Q Single Mesh Coil (Mini V2 S1) The Coil seems to still be burning very well after 4 weeks, So how long have yours been lasting and how can you tell if it’s coming to the end of its use. Also should you use it until it stops working or should you change them regularly. Cheers.


As a general rule, I usually get anywhere from 8 to 15 tanks full out of a coil. You can usually tell when it needs changing by the flavor muting. Personally, that doesn’t stop me. I will keep vaping on a coil until the taste is just “yuck”. It’s mostly personal preference. For me, it’s all about the Benjamin’s. I am a notorious cheapskate, so I will use a coil until you just can’t use it anymore.

If you got 4 weeks out a coil you are doing extremely well. If you are able to experiment, I would put a new coil in and see what kind of flavor difference there is. Put your used coil in a plastic bag (I use those sandwich bags) it will keep it from drying out, and if you think you can get more out of it, it’s ready to go. If not then toss it.

I feel like I might be rambling so I will bid you ado.


The life of a coil depends on the juice you’re vaping, your vaping habits, your taste and of course the coil itself. A friend of mine gets approximately 4-6 weeks out of a coil as well but you’ll hear much more people getting around a week or 2 out of a coil.

When a coil goes bad, it means that either the cotton has been scorched or there’s too much gunk on the coil itself. You will notice diminished taste, burnt taste or having to increase power for similar experience. Once your taste buds start recovering from smoking, you may notice these symptoms a little faster.
You can also screw up a coil (i.e. the wick) if you’re changing strongly flavored juices that don’t blend well. If that happens, it is possible to clean your coil in a mixture of water and alcohol, letting it dry, priming it and continue to vape. Smok coils (and other commercial drop-in coils) cannot be cleaned by dry burning unless you also change out the wick.
Whatever coil you’re using, try to keep an eye on your juice level. Vaping on a dry coil (if you’re using wattage instead of temp control) will burn the cotton and instantly destroy your coil.

These commercial coils also don’t always have the same consistency, that’s a common complaint and one of the reasons why people often switch to RTAs and build there own coils. Especially with Smok, but also with other brands, you often hear people complain that replacement coils don’t perform as good or as long as the original. Make sure that when you change your coil, you prime the wick of your coil and wait for 5-10 minutes before vaping. Start with lower-than-usual power and slowly build up power to your regular usage.
Consistency issues may also seem a little more pronounced when your taste buds regain their strength in the first couple weeks since your last smoke, so it may seem worse than it actually is.