Smok Nano One kit, a full package

What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

Today I’ll be looking into a new mod by the lovely folks at Smok, one that is very similar to another popular mod currently on the market.

These Smok Nano One kits were sent to me for the purpose of this review by!


I’ll address the elephant in the room first, because I know several of you will want to comment on this.
Yes, it looks almost exactly like the Evic VTC Mini. It does the same thing but can output 5 more watts.
No, it’s not a clone. Yes, they’re similar.

Deal with it. :slight_smile:

The Smok Nano One kit comes with a Smok R-Steam Mini box mod, a Smok TFV4 Nano, 2 x TFV4 Micro coilheads and accessories.
I love the Evic VTC Mini, but I love this one slightly more because of a few details. The brighter screen, the added poweroutput, the clickier buttons…

With that out of the way, let’s have a closer look at this device!

Smok Nano One kit


R-Steam Mini

  • Powered by a single 18650 battery
  • 80W maximum power output
  • Temperature control for Ni200, Ti01 and SS316
  • Adjustable TCoR and Adjustable Initial Resistance
  • 0.91 inch bare OLED screen
  • 0.06ohm minimum resistance (TC mode)
  • Springloaded square 510 pin to prevent spinning
  • Ergonomic button layout
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Available in silver, white, black and red

TFV4 Nano

  • 19mm diameter
  • 57mm height (it’s freakishly tiny!)
  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • Spare glass included
  • The well-known TFV4 swivel top fill
  • Double layered driptip (stainless steel outside, glass inside)
  • 4 large airflow holes
  • Uses Micro coilheads


The Smok Nano One kit comes in the same kind of packaging we’ve grown accustomed to from Smok, a black cardboard box wrapped in a white cover depicting the mod.
On the front you’ll find a black mod depicted but this doesn’t represent the color of mod inside, the sticker on the side of the wrap states the color of the mod as well as the serial number.
The back has a slew of information including a packing list of the kit, and the introduction text.
Taking the wrap off and opening the box reveals a foam insert holding the mod, this insert can be lifted out with the ribbon on the bottom.
Under the insert you’ll find a usermanual, a battery safety warning, a warning card for the TFV4 Micro coils, and a warranty card.
Putting these aside you’ll reveal the accessories which include the TFV4 Nano, a USB charging cable, a spare glass tank, a spare STC2 coilhead (0.2ohm Stainless Steel), and a bag of spare o-rings and gaskets.


Due to the look and feel of the device it will get pitted against the Evic VTC Mini often, and with good reason.
They have a very similar look, the exact same dimensions and they both sport TC for Ni, Ti and SS, as well as adjustable TCoR.
But the R-Steam does have a few distinct differences that set it just a bit higher than the Evic Mini for me.
For one the squared buttons have a much better touch to them, the plastic used feels smoother and the tactile feedback is also smoother.
This doesn’t mean the buttons are mushy or squishy, they just click less hard.

The bare display just below the firebutton is one of the clearest I’ve had the pleasure of reading.
Even in direct lighting it stays bright and easily readable, which can’t be said for the Evics display and its smooth protection screen.
On the display you’ll have all the info you’ll need, and then some. On the left is the battery indicator, next to it are the Hard/Normal/Soft setting, the resistance, the voltage and the puffcounter.
And next to that are the big letters that indicate the wattage (or temperature when in TC mode).

The R-Steam has a USB port just underneath the screen that serves as a charging port, and as a dataport for firmware updates.
When I first received the Nano One kits, the firmware was 1.0.7.
Smok was nice enough to send one of each color but I’v e only used the white one and thus that one is now running the updated firmware, 1.0.8.
The difference in firmware is negligable, Smok just updated some of the TC functionality to be more stable.

As always with Smok mods, you get a slew of settings to finetune the mod to your preference.
And the R-Steam is no different, it has the same menu structure we’ve gotten used to from Smok.
Three clicks of the firebutton put you into the menu, where you’ll see a couple of icons.

Option 1, a heartbeat symbol. This allows you to switch between wattage mode and temp mode.
When you enter temp mode, it follows up with a few choices. Strength, then coil type (Nickel, Titanium or Steel), then single or dual coil.
In watt mode it just returns to the main screen.

Option 2, a pipe. This allows you to browse through the puff counter.
It first shows you the amount of puffs you’ve already taken, then a selection to set maximum amount of puffs, and finally a reset for the puffcounter.

Option 3, a coil. This allows you to finetune the resistance of the coils.
This is where you can set the resistance of the coil for better temperature control.

Option 4, a graph. This allows you to adjust the TCR value for the material selected in temp mode.
Another finetuning option that will allow you to use variants of alloys. (Like SS317L instead of SS316 for example)

Option 5, a gear. This hides a few more options for the mod itself.
The first option in this menu allows you to put the display in stealth mode, and adjust the screentime.
The second option is contrast for the screen.
The third option is screen orientation, left or right.

Option 6, a standby logo. This will allow you to turn the mod off.

In both temp and watt mode, holding down the plus and minus buttons will lock the buttons.
This is very useful once the mod is set to the wattage or temperature you like, and needs no further adjusting.
Pressing the firebutton and minus button at once switches between watt and temp mode, while pressing the firebutton and plus button will switch between strengths.

Of course this wouldn’t be a kit if it didn’t come with a tank.
And the tank that is included is, to me at least, the best one from the TFV4 series yet.
It’s a TFV4 Nano, the 19mm version of the TFV4 that utilizes the Micro coilheads.
Don’t let its size fool you, it’s a great tank in every aspect.
The same topfill as the other TFV4 tanks, a nice swooshy airflow, and flavor for days.
While the capacity isn’t all that great, it’s extremely easy to fill.
The coilheads seem to tolerate it quite well when you switch flavors often, after only three puffs I had the new flavor I put into the tank.
Included in the kit are the 0.3ohm dual coil micro fused clapton and the 0.25ohm dual stainless steel coil.
I preffered the stainless coilheads because they can be used in both temp and watt mode. The flavor on both was excellent, though the clapton coil doesn’t last as long.

A comparison with the Joyetech Evic VTC Mini.


Other than the different display and buttons, the R-Steam is very much the same mod as the Evic VTC Mini.
They have the same size, the same shape, even the batterydoors are exchangeable (though they do use different magnets).
Personally I quite like the square buttons on the R-Steam, they feel slightly more tactile as the round buttons on the Evic.
In terms of size it’s perfect to grab and take along on a hike or a walk.
I’ve been using the white one and the paint seems to hold up just fine. A scuff here and there just wipes off with your finger, and scratches are nowhere to be found so far.
There are 4 colors available so you can match to fit your outfit or style.
The TFV4 Nano tanks in the kits are also colormatched to the R-Steam.
The black kit comes with a black TFV4 Nano with red o-rings, the white kit and silver kit come with a stainless tank with clear o-rings, and the red kit comes with a stainless tank with red-o-rings.
Smok also includes a colormatched vapeband, which always comes in handy. If not to protect you tank, they come in handy for those hard to get open tanks. :wink:

Pros and Cons.


  • Equal in quality to the Evic Mini
  • 80W maximum power output
  • Micro coilheads give excellent flavor
  • Easy topfill
  • Good batterylife
  • Extremely clear display


  • Small capacity on the TFV4 Nano
  • Firmware process could be simplified
  • Clapton coils don’t last terribly long (~10 days)
  • Driptip is a bit wide for a 19mm tank

In conclusion.

Yes, it does look like the Evic Mini has some competition. The Nano One kit is very similar in performance and price.
But the Nano One kit comes with a TFV4 Nano which in my opinion is the best TFV4 to have been released so far.
The flavor on the TFV4 Nano is amazing, and the use of a 19mm tank can make this a nice stealthy vape, without sacrificing vapor production.
I’ve been using the white version of the Nona One kit for over two weeks abusing the paintjob as much as I could by putting it in my pocket with my keys, and there isn’t a scratch on the mod.
Overall I think the Nano One kit definitely has something more to offer than the standard Evic Mini, but it essentially boils down to choice.
If I had to chose between the two it would take me hours to decide.

In closing I would like to thank for sending me the Smok Nano One kits for review!
Thanks for reading, next time I’ll be looking at another Nano; the Tesla Nano 60W!

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SirRisc disappears in a cloud of unicorn milk scented vapor


I like the small form factor, this is more important to me that high wattage. Thanks for the review.

PS. Are they sure they sent enough for review? hehe :wink:

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I already sent the silver one to a colleaugue, and I’ll be giving the red and black ones away on my website soon-ish.
The white one’s mine though! :wink:

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Ill keep my eyes open for that, ive got the evic mini and love the thing but i have two hands! :slight_smile:

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Again another great review sir. This might just be the one for my daughter. Just about got her to quit the stinkies, so somthing like this might just do the job. :ok_hand:

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Definitely look into the 1.2ohm or 1.8ohm coils for the TFV4 Nano then, those are excellent for MTL. If she likes the feel of a vape, she can always go for the lower resistance coils later on.

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I will do buddy. Anything to get her off the stinkies. :ok_hand:

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Looks almost identical to the Evic mini. We have 2 Evics here, one white, one rose gold, both about 5mths old now, and not a scratch on either. So that point about the paintwork is mute. It does come with a better tank in the kit than the Evic, but you can buy the Evic express now, without any tank. Son’t see any advantage to this one otherwise, unless it’s cheaper?

Nice in depth review though.

I never said the paintjob on the Evic is bad.
In fact if you look at the comparison photos, you’ll see that my Evic Mini is in mint condition after 5 months of use.

Like I said in my closing statement, it boils down to choice.

Just saying, it’s a mute point after 2 weeks use, the Evic stands up to 5 months, and I don’t baby it. See how this one is after that length maybe.

I think it’s a bit of a rip off tbh, just my opinion. I see nothing original about it. Unless it’s cheaper, or you’re really after a kit, the Evic mini solo is going to be the better bet.

@SirRisc nice review of the complete kit. Does look like a knockoff, but the tank does make this a compelling alternative especially since it is the same price.

How does the 510 connection on this compare to the eVic VTC Mini? I’ve got the VTC Mini and Cubis combo and really like it a lot, but I do notice the 510 connector is very short. If I try to put many of my other tanks on it there’s a gap unless I were to crank it down.

If I review the mod when it’s been out for 5 months, it’s an outdated review.


Every tank or dripper I’ve put on has sat flush, with the exception of a Velocity clone.
The 510s are practically similar though the Evic one is slightly more shallow. I reckon the 510 on the R-Steam has been made deeper because of the TFV4, which is notorious for having a longer 510.

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Thanks, I was curious. :thumbsup:

Both of my TFV4s and both of my Crowns have 510s that are too long for the eVic. I was more curious for the Crowns since it came with a TFV4.

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I did deal with it, lol. By saying it’s a blatant rip off. that’s not a criticism of you or your review, so don’t be defensive, I’m just giving an honest opinion on the product. The could at least have been a little original with the styling.