Hey all - was going through all of my stuff and came across the SMOK Skyhook in my stash - still all new and shiny… :grin: Anyone use or ever used this, and if so - what’s your take on it? I’ve always been a full on tank and premades… currently I’ve been using the valkyrie tank with the triple coils…

I’m interested in using the RDA base setup of the Skyhook for when I want to taste test my flavors.

All comments are welcome and appreciated… give it all to me… the good, the bad and even the ugly.

Thank you in advance. This forum and its members are the best.



I’ve never had one or viewed one up close. I believe I’ve seen positive comments from users in the past. I have tried to find a picture that shows the bottom the build deck without success. Do the wick’s just dangle through half-moon cutouts or holes? Plenty of video reviews on the web. I’ll have to take a look at them when I get time. I’m curious.

Are you just planning to use the RDA piece on another mod? That’s how I interpret your writing. Can it even be used on other mods that don’t have a built-in tank? That’s why I want to see pictures of the bottom of the build deck.

Just looking at the RBA it has side and bottom airflow. It should be ok with duel coils. Using the block-off pieces to make it single coil usually doesn’t provide great flavor.


Hi Cheryl - are you planning to use this on another mod? From what I see the RDTA/RDA does not use a standard 510 pin - it is proprietary and can only be used on the Skyhook Mod.


I remember this one being pretty good in RDA mode but in RDTA, there was some issue with the fill port that people hated. You also had to put in really big coils due to the amount of cotton needed to fill the wicking holes. Might be fun to mess with but I don’t know if it would be all that practical to use as a flavor tester unless you really like hot vapes.


Well hell… guess I won’t be testing it out after all… that bites!

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Oops. Thought you were talking about this one:


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Yes it does… and no, not really. There are much better single coil RDAs to test your liquids. But here is a couple of suggestions. I use 4 Wasp Nano’s for my flavor testing they are cheap ($14USD or less), easy to build and wick as well as having great flavor. Other options include Vapefly Pixie, Wotofo Elder Dragon and Cyclone Mods Hadley or Entheon (the later 2 being quite expensive). I’m sure plenty of others will soon pitch in with their recommendations :upside_down_face:


Whoops… you are probably right! I was thinking of the mod combo which was proprietary :face_with_hand_over_mouth: