Smok stick one plus RDA tank

Hey guys and girls,

Hope I am posting in the right place this is my first post here.

I recently purchased my first kit a smok stick one plus.

Having just got into mixing my own juice I am considering some kind of RDA to make it a bit easier to change things out when I want to test a mix.

I am wondering what RDA’s if any other than the smok RBA/RDA would fit/work with the battery from the smok stick plus? I’d welcome any recommendations or advice if you have any.

Thankyou :smiley:

It appears to have a standard 510 connection, so I would say any 24mm or smaller diameter RDA would work fine. I’m more of a tank guy but I am sure someone can offer up an opinion as to a good “testing” RDA.

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Thankyou for the help. It’s defo a 510 24.5mm width so there’s a couple rdas that will fit nicely. Not sure how well it will work with that battery mind you don’t think it’s very powerful. Might just save up for a new mod first.

I like the Clone Magma RDA’s for flavor. They fit my budget and are simple to build and wick on (two post design).

i have the same stick and have tried other tanks but they seem to not work well because the battery isnt that strong id just use the rba that they have for the device itself

@fidalgo_vapes thanks man. I was wondering how well it would cope. I think I might just wait until I can afford a second mod.

no prob it is designed for the top that comes with it , i love it for convienance and its different than most things but as for using anything that needs some power thats not the mod , have you checked out nwvape they have super cheap mods