Smok tanks

Hi everyone…looking for thoughts on a new tank from Smok.

I really love my TFV4 and am not really sure on the TFV12 or TFV8?
Both are same price at vape store. I’m making my own juice now so that shouldn’t be an issue. Use to complain about how much juice the TFV4 sucked so I’m guessing the big one will be like the Space Shuttle launch. I am using the Alien 220 watt mod. Not much interested in building my own coils, and messing around. Just want to vape and make juice. The TFV8 has RBA which I might like to try out but messing around with cotton and twisting wire, not my thing just yet. With these big store bought coils I don’t see why I would need to. I have been using my triple for over two months now. Just drop in vodka over night, rinse, let dry and boom nice new coil.
And for 5 bucks for new coil, I’m still cheap lol.

Any thoughts?

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I have a couple of tfv8 and while I like them they do suck juice - but anything with a big coils does. The tfv8 coils are sometimes leaky the tails of the coils stick out at the bottom (through the rubber grommit see pic below

They do compress down some but that doesnt always stop the leak & they can be cut off which can be quite fiddly but it will stop leaking.

II have a few tfv12 on the way soon so I am not sure if they suffer the same thing.

I just got a couple of ijoy exo xl tanks and had a vape on one yesterday the flavor was better than the tfv8 and so far I really like the tank. The price for coils is comparable the fill holes are much bigger (which was another con on the tfv8) and they hold about the same amount of liquid.

People are fairly impressed by the big baby I don’t have one to compare to so I can’t comment there but maybe someone will chime in.

Personally I would get the exo xl over the smok tfv8 - but that is based on first impressions.

Hopefully that helps you out a little.


When I got my Smok Alien it came with the Baby Beast tank (kit was a Boxing Day deal). I gave the stock coils an honest try, but I’ve since bought the RBA kit. Totally worth it, IMO. Better flavour, better clouds, and I can put any kind of coil I want into it without worrying about what the company has available or what my vape shop has in stock. The RBA has a Velocity style deck which is the easiest style I’ve built on. And at $13 it’ll pay for itself in the long run. No problem with leaking, either.


just my 2 cents, i have the baby and the big baby. they are both great tanks but i bought the cleito 120 two weeks ago and havent put it down. imo the flavor and clouds are better, i ordered the rda for it and can only imagine how much better the flavor will be. good luck in your decision. KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS:


My step daughter has been using the Big Baby tank… she has broke 2 of the glass tanks and they are fairly hard to find… that and the coils, although she does like the tanks. Yesterday she purchased the tfv8 (the big beast) from a local shop for 50 dollars… as much as I like to support local places I had her take it back and purchased the same tank online for 30 dollars, actually she is getting 2 of the tanks since she was saving so much money.
I was tempted to grab one for myself.
I do have a question though… does the glass fit using the rba on that tank or do you have to have a different sized glass on the tank like you do with the Big Baby rba or using a standard coil?

Using the rba on the baby beast requires a different size glass around the tank… make sure you are not just getting the rba without that different sized tank glass, I found out the hard way.

When I purchased the RBA it came in a plastic container with foam insert. It included the RBA head, the appropriate size glass, allen key, extra screws, and an o-ring. It sucks that yours didn’t come package with all the goodies. Where did you order from?

“I think” it was VapeNW but may be mistaken, and it wasn’t there fault, I ordered the rba without looking to see if the glass came with it.

Big Baby Beast with any of the .15 Coils. Clouds direct from heaven.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

Woftam, thankyou very much for pointing the leaking problem out. What a disappointment. I was actually thinking of getting TFV8 just for the RBA to try out and get over my fear lol. AHill4168 great points as well, thank you, now you have me thinking this might be a good idea to get into RBA. Baby steps I guess. I’ve been only at vaping for two months and am going crazy mixing, vaping, looking at Forum, vaping again, shopping… Ive probably spent over 1200 bucks so far and looking to spend more. Doh!

I’ll have a look at the other tanks as well but I don’t know why I am so attached to Smok…maybe because it was my first bigger mod and tank.

How easy is it to pack those store bought coils with cotton on RBA? I absolutely hate coils that spit.

Not saying it is a bad tank because it isnt - and it is not every coil that it happens on. Smok may well have fixed the issue by now I just haven’t bought coils in forever :grinning:

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Hey City, bought two normal Aspire Cleitos tanks, but my wife took them for her self… I’m not a big fan with them after using TFV4. They great with .4 ohm coil but hmmm, just not like my Smok. I like the feel of the metal of Smok, and tall chimney, no spitting or heat, way way more vapour production. Smok just seems like a more solid product to me. I will check out the new Cleito 120 but I think TFV12 blew it away in reviews I watched. I’m glad you like it…I will definitely check it out and Ijoy exo.

Ya woftam, the triple coil in my TFV4… wow, that bitch is going strong after two months of use… It crapped out when I was vaping coffee type flavours, but put it in vodka over night. The vodka turned brown. dumped it out and looked at coils and cotton… they looked perfect again. Just rinsed in water, let dry for a week and boom, away it went again just like new… Smok coils are huge and I cant see them dying tooo fast. Store owners just want us to buy more when they can be cleaned up.

i dont like the normal cleito either, but that 120 i dont get spit back even vaping as high 160w normally vape it between 80 and 110 depending on juice type. the 120 is a beast and like i stated before i only have the baby and big baby and it outshines those in flavor and clouds for me. good luck with the tfv12.

Ya, I just got the Cleito back from my wife… she hates the store bought coffee cream in it she so loved a month ago when I just started to mix. I’m using it now. Nice clouds, smooth vape but only at 50 watts with .4 ohm coil. Yeah, flavour sucks, mine are better she says lol.
That is only after a month, I’m a rook, huge. She never compliments me, I’m shocked lol.

I will have a look at the Cleito 120 for sure. They old ones are good tanks but only with .4 ohm.


Let me know how that RBA goes, I’m getting very interested now lol. I just keep delving deeper, and deeper, and deeper into vaping and can’t stop. H.E.L.P.!

I will have to research this more. At my vape store I asked the price on replacement coil for RBA and they told me 25 bucks lol. I can buy 5 factory built coil systems for my Smok I told them. I still don’t want to make my own coils yet, and I say yet because I know I will be one day… I just know. lol

Find a different store lol
You can get good coils for a lot less than that if you were to buy pre made if you make them yourself you can make them for a few cents each.

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i actually purchased it online for around 13 or 14 dollars including shipping. then if you dont wanna build your own you can purchase premade ones. i believe the first time that i bought premade rda coils i got a lot of 48 for around 12 or 13 dollars and that was awhile ago probably cheaper now, idk i make my own now. btw i am in really deep as well. lol. i love it… keep me up to date on the purchase on that tfv12 let me know. i am sure i will soon buy 1 as well, just as soon as i upgrade my mod above 200w to a 300w the coils dont really start working good till above 200w right, lol. j/k… enjoy. btw i couldnt even vape the normal cleito at 50w damn thing was to hot 4 my taste. thats why at first i was nervous about the 120 the man at the local brick and mortar said if you tell me this one burns at 150 i will replace it no questions asked…

Ok, thanks everyone for the input. I have been watching some vids on the Cleito 120. Kinda leaning away from the Smok tanks at the moment. At least the 8 series anyway. I’m gonna take my time and not rush this one lol. Been using normal Cleito my wife gave back with real shitty store bought coffee cream that tastes nothing like coffee. Wow aweful is all I have to say. My rookie juice blows this garbage away lol. Liking the tank, its so smooth and nice cloud. I might just have to buy two tanks lol.

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Did you ask if it was handmade coils by M-Terk or James Mucklin or whatever the names are on these famous coil builders?

$25 for a replacement is just ridiculous, you can get nice coils online for a fraction of that and they will work just fine for you.

Or i should maybe ask you if you are talking about the whole RBA deck for that tank?

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