SMOK TFV4 Opinions and review

Didn’t see a current thread for this tank. Got mine 2 days ago and have been using it with the Smok Cube II. So far it can be a pain to change coil heads out but if your juice is already in a needle tipped bottle it’s very easy to fill up. Be prepared it drinks the juice and with 3 and 4 coils in a single atty what else would you expect. Would love any tips. I noticed there isn’t a ton of build help with this guy yet so if you have a link for a good video it would be appreciated. If there is a current topic let me know and I can delete this.

I don’t have it so I can’t help sorry :frowning:I do know there has been some talk on VU about it leaking on a lot of people? I don’t know if you have had this issue or not but if I see anything over there for builds I’ll let ya know!

Well thats not good news… :cry: It’s a pain to change coil heads. The only way is to screw it in with the top or pull the glass out of the seal. You of course don’t always get a good seal when you put everything back together. I can see this being a problem.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to discourage you I was only reporting on the “bad” I have seen (outside of it bein 1 thirsty mother) all in all people love it!

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It’s gonna take some practice to get it down. These are the biggest juice channesl I’ve wicked. But I can say when you get it right, it will be well worth it. Its absolutely astounding. IMO the best. It is a dripper experience. I recommend building a coil with a 3mm ID and stuff it with cotton. You will need big bushy cotton tails to block these huge juice channel.

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I’m thinking about picking up one of these. @Pro_Vapes how does it compare to the crown in your opinion?

It’s better, no doubt. Nothing on the market can touch this tank. You may want to order the quad coil refills if you’re not gonna build it yourself. I recommend the TF-R2 Dual Coil RBA Deck sold separately. There is a single rba deck that comes with the full kit. It’s good, but the dual is like vaping on a dripper… even better than some drippers I own.

Better…damn I can only imagine haha thanks brother I’ll give it a try next purchase window! I’ll be getting some rbas too…can’t rely on stocks for too much longer
Quad coils…mmmmmm

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I’m writing a review of both. Not sure how good they will be, but that’s just my writing, not the equipment. I can tell you now though, that the X Cube II is a nice device, although a bit big and heavy. The tank is just amazing though.

I’m hoping I can finish both reviews this week, and then maybe start the giveaway :smile:


Where do you rank it among current tanks on the market?

I wish I could compare it to the Crown, but I don’t have it (yet). But this is probably the best tank that I’ve tried! Well. Strike “probably”. I can’t really say anything negative about it at the moment! Or… I guess it’s kind of big?

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I only have the single coil RBA but it gives me all I need vapor wise. Would still like to get more flavor and i am hoping that comes with the TC. With the single build RBA i am able to run this tank on my old mod at 30W. I can take it to 40 W of course but it only takes 1 18650 so conserving battery life better at 30. We both know this thing is a real juice hog, it burps and I fill her up. I feel like I’m dripping I have to put juice in it so often. The up side to this is I can change flavors pretty quickly…I would really like to get in on a pre-sale for the SS coil from Smoktech. I can’t spend anymore this month, i’m on a buying freeze until middle of next month. Can’t wait until I get some TI wire and try the TC mode on the Cube, it’s like having a new sports car and I can’t drive over 35mph.

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Once you get the Ti in TC mode you will see an upswing in flavor. I hear the SMOK quad coil suppose to deliver good flavor. But I’m sure it will still have that Kanthal metallic taste too.

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Has this been mentioned yet, sextuple coil coming soon?

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hehe that’s pretty insane!

Best price I’ve seen on the full kit so far… $40/free shipping:

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I didn’t know you ended up getting one! Being big is my only issue (with the mod too hehe) but it really isnt an issue, it’s just the only SLIGHTLY negative thing I can say about it. I cant wait to try it with their TFV4!
Wait…did someone say giveaway?!?

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Yup…Smok did… but apparently they’re just giving them away to friends and family members. That’s all I can gather from the non-information on their website.

I wasn’t speaking of that giveaway…I think I may have heard our majesty Lars aka @daath breathing the words

I got you… maybe I should do a little reading before I butt into a conversation.