Smok tfv8 RBA

I’m buying a kit to start making my own coils and I’m wondering if theres any tips anyone has for the smok RBA coils? I see there a pretty fancy one that comes along with the tank. I’m wondering what type of wire to use to make a regular coil. I’m not ready for any fancy stuff…yet :blush:


buy a simple diy coil kit from coil master or UD, it’ll help a lot in the long run since majority of them come with a ohm tester as well. Start off making simple coils and slowly work your way up. just my opinion lol

start with 26g ss316 wire, since its probably the easiest to work with.


Outside of buying a kit I would recomend buying different types of wires. Like different gauges of round wire, premade claptons, and ect. That way if you don’t like the vape being produced you can try a different wire.

Personally I like ss316L and use advanced vape supply to sorce the wire. But all in all where ever you buy you kit I would buy wire there to get free shipping.


Try to get familiar with this site: It will help a lot in designing the right coil.


Watch YouTube videos. When I was ready to start building I watched all kinds of tutorial videos on how to build my specific rba, as well as different coil wrapping techniques. It boosted my confidence so much to actually watch it being done.


Awesome thank you all! Time to do my homework now :grin:


Have fun! I’ll be watching for pics of your beautiful new coils over in the coil building showoffs thread! :wink:


the most regular is Kanthal A1 wire… i would suggest 24ga for low resistance and kinda fatter clouds… if you’ want a more proper use go at 26ga

SS316L: will provide you a better taste in general (some other may disagree) but it’s kinda harder to work with… while at the same time it’s producing Kanthal gauge /2 ohms resistance…

Clapton Coils: i would suggest 26/30 or 26/34… you can build them easily :slight_smile: they will produce thicker clouds and more taste with a warm vape…

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