Smok v8 stick kit with the big baby beast rba

Hey there was wondering if you purchased your extended glass online and if so, where you purchased it. I too have the V8 stick and the baby beast RBA but just haven’t been able to find the extended glass to make this all work together. Thanks for any help! has one listed for Big Baby RBA for $4. It’s on the dropdown pick list.

Not online. Sorry. From a in SA

i saw them either on fast tech or gearbest when i was looking into getting the rba at first. sorry don’t remember which, it was a while ago, but you should be able to find it. otherwise you can also get it from bitandpieces vape in the u.k. if that’s any use.

Hi guys, I also have the smok v8 stck with a big baby beast, i am also looking at getting a rba or rta for it, I like flavour so what would you guys recommend for the stick?.

Howsit bru. Just wanted to find out how the strain was on your battery with the v8 rba. How long did your stick last on a typical full charge as compared to when you had the standard m2 coils. TIA

I honestly don’t remember correctly. I used RBA maybe two weeks. One coil. I charged constantly when I got in the car so never went flat. I’d reckon a lot more drain with rba