Smok v8 stick kit with the big baby beast rba

OK. So we have worked out that a rba section can be added to to the v8 stick kit.
Who has done it and what builds do you use?

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I had to return the rba, the thing just wouldn’t work. On a couple of regulated mods it would give constant “atomizer short/low” errors, and on the stick the fire button would flash a few times and it wouldn’t fire. Tried it with a number of builds and spent way too much time in about it. There are a lot of similar stories around the web, I think it might just be shit. The bottom pin is bigger than the stock coils and it seems to dead short on the base of the tank.

You will also need to purchase a new glass tube, as the rba is a little bigger than the stock coils.

For the money you’ll spend on all this, and the hassle I (and apparently others) had with it, I’d say you’d be far better off (and potentially save money) buying an rta for the stick. I’ve used a kayfun 5, crown with the rba and an avocado on the stick, and depending on the build they have all worked pretty well, especially the kayfun, surprisingly. if you get a 24mm rat it will sit nice and flush.

Or you could have a bash at rebuilding the factory coils, there are a few youtube videos.

But good luck if you do opt for the rba.

I had huge success with the RBA section. In the beginning, same problems as well. But then i realised the coils were touching the rba coil head.

Ah, I didn’t realise you already have it. Glad to hear it’s working well for you, I had high hopes for it. I tried several different builds on it and could get nothing to work. It was totally dead. I think there was a manufacturing fault with mine, maybe a bad batch.

Rda’s fire fine on the stick?
Ive been leary using anything except the big baby with m2 coils just cause if the lack of info.
Ive been itching to switch it but didnt wana be one of those guys makin us all look bad

What spec was ur coil setup?
I figure .15 ss would be good as thats the same as the stock but wasnt sure

My build is 24g SS 316L 7 wraps dual. Wow wow wow. Flavor and clouds bru.

But Pls make sure coils are low. It gave me shorts etc at first and made me look like a noob.

Also, the standard rba for the BBB won’t work. You need the baby beast rba with extended glass. Tell your vendor what you need.

Also found out the x4 coil works brilliantly but I’ve yet to try it

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Nice im def going to give this a go
The m2 is ok but from my other attys i get way better flavor but the stick is my work vape so wanted to find a way to spice it up safely

In general, I’m just not a huge fan of RBA drop in atomizers. The Smok TF-RTA G2 is a lot like like the Beast line with a dedicated build deck. Much easier to work with.

I had the same issues as @232323 with the “Big baby beast” and rba, purchased the TFV8 Cloud and it seems to be working well EXCEPT on some mods the tank reads 1.3+ ohms and on other mods the tank reads 0.42 ohms I can switch the tank back and forth and the same thing keeps happening, all other tanks read as they should, really strange.

i’ve had builds between 0.2 and 0.5 Ω in it working really well. The battery has built in protection so it’s pretty safe to try other tanks, rta’s and stuff on it.

The bbb tank is okay, good for what it is but a bit airy for me, I’m using the battery with my other tanks more. The battery is excellent.

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Pls tell me what tanks you have used. There’s a shortage of m2 coils again in south Africa

I’ve used; the big baby, the kayfun 5 clone, the avocado 22, the crown v.1 (with the rba)and the eleaf melo 3 and ijust 2.

They’ve all worked, from reasonably well to really well. The kayfun and crown are maybe my favorites on it, kayfun at 0.4Ω and crown at 0.3Ω.

I think you can use all the other bbb coils in it too if you can’t get the m2s. I picked up some m2s from fasttech, took about a month to get to me though.

Only the x4 coil works brilliantly. But the rest of the BBB coils are like sucking a golf ball through a hosepipe

Ah ok. I’ve not tried any of the other factory coils in it.

I reckon you could try any other tanks you have on the battery and see how it works.

Busy researching tanks that have coils that fire optimally between 35-45W. That’s what the v8 handles perfectly.

if you are comfortable building coils, maybe a rebuildable tank would be a good bet? that way you can build to suit the power output.
edited to add: and it saves potential problems with availability of coils.

Whoops. I thought you read my other replies, i bought the baby beast rba section plus the extended glass for the big baby beast so it work great. Just make sure it coils are low so there’s no short that others experience.

Ah ok, I did read your posts but I think I just misunderstood. I have an ijust 2 on my stick today. I’ve not used it in ages, but it’s working really well on here. got the eleaf ss notch coil in it and some butterscotch liquid. Since I started building coils I rarely use tanks with factory coils anymore.