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SirRisc here with another gear review!
I’ll be looking into a tiny little boxmod capable of producing 45W, the Smok Xpro M45, courtesy of


Smok has been know for their clones for a while now, and they’ve recently been very active in making their own gear.
The Xpro Series have been fairly successful in what they do, provide a small and portable boxmod that has all the basic functionality you’d get in let’s say a DNA30 powered device.
The entire Smok catalog can be found here. has been around for quite some time, mostly aiming at a demographic of newer vapers.
They’re currently revitalising their website and will be expanding their range of devices with a couple of somewhat higher powered mods like the Smok Xpro M45.
As a sidenote, they also sell Five Pawns liquids which I reviewed earlier. :wink:

Smok Xpro M45


  • Aluminium body with an ionised finish and chrome details
  • 2200mAh 16A LiPo battery
  • USB charging port capable of 1A charging
  • Variable Wattage ranging from 6W to 45W
  • Mechanical Mode making the mod work like a mech mod
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • High Temperature Protection (NOT temperature control!)
  • Fires a resistance from 0.2ohm to 4ohm (4ohm? Seriously?!)
  • A springloaded brass 510 pin
  • Comes in Grey, Pink, Blue, Gold and Silver
  • Very light weight at 128 grams
  • Passthrough, vape while you charge

The 510 connection.

The bottom with the vent holes.

Display and buttons.


The M45 comes in a sturdy and beautifully branded cardboard box, that slides open to the top.
Inside there is a foam insert where the mod sits, with a small ribbon on the bottom to get the foam insert out.

Underneath you’ll find the accessories Smok delivers with the mod such as the USB charging cable, the user manual, the proof of QC (Quality Control) and the warranty card.
All in all a decent package for its price!


I carried this with me on holiday last week, which stressed the box quite a bit. Being in the woods, I love going on long walks so I needed a battery that would last me at least a couple of hours without having to charge.
The M45s battery is a beast and didn’t disappoint in that regard, it lasted me a proper 2 days with moderate use, and that was at maximum power.

I dropped it once on its bottom end (because I’m clumsy sometimes) while I was out but the mod held up fairly well.

However I did run into a problem after a couple of days, the 510 came loose while I was screwing on one of my RTAs.
I pushed it back in and the mod still works fine, but it is something Smok should really look into.
If the 510 comes out any further than the 2mm it does now, it’ll be very prone to shorting and basicly be a paperweight.
In regards of size it’s only slightly larger than the original iStick, and it weighs less.
If the QC was a bit better, I’d say it was a hefty competitor for the iStick devices.

The mod rests in your palm very comfortably, and the button is fairly easy to reach with either your thumb or your index finger.
The button isn’t great though, it takes a bit of a harder push sometimes and seems to be rattling a little bit.
Again, something that should have been caught by QC at Smok.

Wattage mode feels like it should, it’s powerful for such a small boxmod, and it delivers power right until the battery dies.
Mech Mode is a bit confusing and honestly a bit of a gimmick in my humble opinion. With a 0.4ohm build it fired at ~26W which was too low for the build to heat up properly.

The display is clear and is easily readable even in sunlight.
Mine did sit a little bit crooked in the mod, which is triggering my OCD constantly.
I’ll probably open the mod up at one point and see if I can fix it…
Again, a QC problem. Smok needs to up their game if they want to compete in the current market.

Pros and Cons.


  • Lightweight (128g)
  • Looks pretty nice
  • Pockets very easily
  • 45W down to 0.2ohm
  • Clear display
  • Springloaded 510
  • Lovely colors available


  • Buttons rattle
  • Display is crooked
  • 510 connector is loose
  • The chrome finish is a stain magnet
  • Mech Mode is rather useless
  • No locking feature
  • Menu is slightly annoying to navigate

In conclusion.

I honestly don’t know if I would advise people to choose this mod over say an iStick 50W.
The iStick may have its problems (like the autofiring and melting), but so does the M45.
After only a couple of days of moderate use there are already problems that are popping up mostly because of shoddy quality control.
The box looks pretty, it performs fairly well but the quality control leaves too much to be desired.
If Smok were to pay more attention to detail, they could definitely compete better in the current market.
At this point, I’d probably skip this mod and go for something like the Sigelei 50W VR2.

As always thank you all for reading my review, I do hope it helps you pick a good setup for your vaping habit!
Last but definitely not least I’d like to thank Will and James from for sending me this mod for review!
You guys are awesome! :wink:

Bonus photo of my rotation about two weeks ago.

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Stealthy shoutout to @daath from!


Not a winner. Good review, @SirRisc!

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Definitely not a winner. The mod itself performs well, and it looks pretty nice but the lack of quality control is getting in the way of it being a good buy.

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Nice review …even the m80 feels kinda thrown together poorly …I like how it operates and haven’t had a problem but it feels of lesser quality to that of my I stick

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