Smoke Free and Vaping it!

SO far I’m digging it. I’m 33 been chewing and smoking since age 15 and finally two months free of all that. A friend@Vape N Coffee has helped me along the way and I just received my Smok H-Priv 220w amd I’m in love. I make my own liquids and have fallen deep in the vaping world very quickly. I support all and any means to get people involved with the positive changes it can have health wise and I have five kick ass kids ages 4-14 that vaping will help me hang out with for many more years to come. Thanks for reading.
John Atkinson


Congrats on your 2 month mark! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re having success, and welcome to the fold! Lots of wonderful things in store for you here! Enjoy the journey!

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Welcome to the rabbit hole :grinning:


well you’re definitely in the right place dude, welcome aboard :slight_smile::+1:

Good for you, you made the right choice. Keep going and spread the word.

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Rabbit hole indeed it is Alice.


congrats John, i’m glad to hear that :grinning:

Awsome John well done. Best move you ever made. :yum: