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Smoked Plum by INAWERA

I made a statement in this video that might rub some of y’all the wrong way. If you guess the statement you will be in the giveaway. If you don’t want to be in the give away just say so.
I’m sorry but it’s not the greatest of giveaways but I thought someone would still want.
3 bags of opened cotton. Please give answers in a DM. Thanks y’all
a. Native Wicks (Platinum Blend)
b. Cotton Bacon (Prime)
c. Cotn Threads - only a few left


Not that I’ll be taking someone else’s chance to win but do you want that as a PM or is it just the first person that finds it and the rest will just repeat the answer?

Anyways, good vid, although I don’t agree with 1 statement :rofl: Sounds like an interesting flavor. I just might have to pick it up.


Ok, good idea

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Great video/review @Dan_the_Man, and you nailed the ONE (I think), dangerous thing about SF Testing. It’s impossible to NOT solo it. I mean that’s the purpose of SFT, but it doesn’t tell you how it will play nice with others. I’m a big plummer, and ever since I coughed up, and picked up my current mega fav from Medicine Flower, I hadn’t given any look-sies to any other plums. Sweet, juicy on the front end, then smoky and dry finish ?? !!! That’s enough to give it a look.

Thanks for the 411, as I didn’t even know they HAD a Smoky Plum.

Love the breaking news graphics Dan. :slight_smile:


@Dan_the_Man, under the current state of affairs, ANY give-away, is a gift. Thanks for doing it brother.


With spot shortages of toilet paper worldwide, I think it is an Excellent giveaway! :grinning:


You can get some here, for free if you like :grin:


Ya, we are on the last couple packs of TP that my cousin picked up when he found a place that had it. It was awful nice of him but he picked up John Wayne Toilet Paper.