Smoker wanting to convert to vaping, need to choose a device

Hi there everyone, super new to vaping so please excuse me if I don’t use the correct lingo or any lingo at all…

So, as stated in the title (please remove if it isn’t in the right category or applicable to the forum, or let me know and I will figure out how to do it myself :slightly_smiling_face: ) I need to choose which device to get, because I want to stop smoking. My addiction is bad. I’m on 2 - 3 packets (of 20 cigarettes each) per day. I received the following list of recommended devices:

  • Wismec Sinuous Ravage230
  • Wismec Reuleaux GEN3
  • Vaporesso Revenger X
  • Aspire Speeder
  • Eleaf Invoke with ELLO T
  • Smok G-Priv 2

I have read through the product descriptions of each device and in all honesty, the G-Priv 2 stands out, simply because it comes out with a TFV8 X-Baby tank and I’ve seen baby tank mentioned on a lot of places (so I’m guessing it’s a good tank?) plus something just draws me to it.

Can anyone please help me with advice on which one I should choose?


im so sorry to do this , but let me suggest something else … Smoant Battlestar i think this is hands down one of the best made mods ive ever used and the price point is Amazing , i tend to stay away from smok … check out the battlestar and keep in mind the tank is what you really need to focus on IME and opinion the wrong tank with the wrong coils and you are more likely to go back or keep smoking

btw who is suggesting the mods ??? a B&M store ??


If your gut says go with the gpriv do it. The baby beast should be a good tank to start. If you want to smoke it like a cigarette you might ask about mouth to lung atomizers. I have never used one. Most of your sub ohm devices are direct to lung which means you breathe it in like a bong hit or it will make you cough. Congrats on your decision to make the switch and good luck :+1:


I understand this will not make me new friends but I highly suggest staying away from brands like Smok.

Tanks, coils and mods are garbage and extremely overpriced in local b&m’s. The customer service/warranty department is even worse than walmart’s and that means a lot lol

You can find better deals online and especially on more reliable mods and atomizers.

With that out of the way, why are you looking for sub ohm setups and mods 200w +. Its still a great selection but I’m wondering why, same for DL tanks. Have you looked at ciga likes or mtl setups as well? Or tried a couple of different things?


I’m not going to make a hardware recommendation, but let me just say: don;t be afraid to increase the nicotine strength way above the recommended mg for whatever device you choose . Your body absorbs only a fraction of that nicotine, and recommendations are usually based on the assumtion that you absorb it all.

Heavy smokers quite often fail to make the switch because it’s just too hard to get the nicotine hit they need .

Also, bear in mind that cigarettes contain other addictive chemicals besides nicotine, so you will probably need a bit of willpower, anyway, to wean yourself off theml but with the right device, and the right juice, you stand an excellent chance!

Best of luck to you!


Nope, it’s a guy on a forum I joined on Facebook. I decided to come ask here too because I’ve read quite a few posts here and almost everyone seems helpful. I just want to get as many recommendations as possible and hopefully something that will make the choice easier :smiley:


No I haven’t. Like I stated before, I have no idea what I’m looking for. I am solely going on the recommendations of others. That’s the reason why I’m here, I need help


Find a good shop (or friends with a lot of vaping stuff) and go try things out.
You can read and ask for advice as much as you want, but nothing beats the real experience.


I would avoid smok as well, plenty of other great ones out there, Melo3/300, fireluke,frogman,crown3, to name a few, i dont use them but have heard nice things. Here’s nice compatibility list tho for whatever u decide to get :
One thing to think about, when others have failed w/ the convert to vaping is ease of use and u may find the larger more experienced type devices too bulky…


Thank you so much, I was wondering if there’s a list like that around somewhere


cigalikes, @eStorm ? (heck, don’t we have an "exorcism " emoji amonst all that lot?) For heaven’s sake, this is a heavy smoker, If tthey can beat their habit with cigalikes I’ll…I’ll …I’ll …vape the extract from Trump’s sweaty socks.

Coincidentally, I just bumped into an old friend on the street yersterday, he said he was trying to switch to vaping but without much sucess. Then he dug into his pocket and pulled out a cigalike and waved it at me!

“Ahhh” said I. “i think I see your problem. How about coming back to mine, and trying my kit ?”

And so he did. And after two or three chuffs , he said, “Yes, I can tell that this will work a lot better” . Oh! and incidentally, he really liked my Tipsy Pears and Cream :grinning:


This is absolutely the best advice for someone starting out. A good reliable shop will try and find you the best fit they will want your business in future sales.


Thank you, a little difficult for me since I live in the sticks and the only shop close to me (80km away) doesn’t have the services the big boys in town give. But I will most definitely make a plan thank you


Understand that, I spent a lot of money on choices over the internet when I may not have if the device was in my hand pondering the purchase and someone standing across from me that wants to see that I am happy and may return.


I understand, thank you for your advice


Just from my own personal experience I would recommend the voopoo drag. It’s not to everyone’s taste looks wise but it’s sturdy, reliable, great battery life and the chip inside is really good for the price.


I only asked because sometimes people try, not realizing its vaping and either like or dislike them, as well as being able to describe why they preferred them or not.

Getting any inside and information possible leads to a more satisfying and successful transition. But hey we also can just recommend a 350w mod with the huge atomizer on top and let’s add 36mg of juice to that, preferably fruit or tobacco and call it a day eh?

Not sure it would be for the OP, for sure that didn’t help me or my friends but then again everyone is different, with so much hardware out there, you easily can spend thousands of dollar just trying to find what you like. So more info we can get we can help much easier.

At the end we all have a goal and that’s avoiding cigarettes at any cost, as well as helping others. There’s no generic basic answer I’m afraid, but it doesn’t hurt trying.


If you really want to quit smoking, keep it simple and get a Juul. The Juul most closely replicates a cigarette more than any other device and is the most effective vape device out there to quit smoking. After you kick the analog habit, you can easily move on to devices like the ones you listed.

I spent over 3 years looking for the right combination of devices and juices to help me kick the analog habit but nothing worked until I came across pod systems like the Juul with high mg nicotine salt liquid.


Before looking at individual brands and models, you first need to figure out what kind of device will suit you best. And the very first thing is that you should figure out how you actually smoke?

I know, it sound crazy because we just take a drag of the cigarette, but as it turns out there are two distinctly different ways of smoking mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). With MTL you first fill you mouth with smoke before you inhale it, whereas with DTL you inhale the smoke directly into your lungs. Likewise there are two distinctly different ways of vaping and devices will either be made for MTL users or DTL users, and as someone wanting to stop smoking you will need something that mimics the way you used to smoke.

The biggest mistake I did myself when I made the switch, was that I choose a MTL device when in fact I had been DTL my cigarettes, and it wasn’t until I upgraded to some DTL gear that it became really satisfying. Most people however seems to be MTL their cigarettes, so for most smokers MTL gear will make the easiest transition.

If you are a MTL smoker, then I will strongly recommend that you start with a MTL starter kit like for example the Innokin Endura series or perhaps even a pod system like the Juul. The important thing is that it is MTL and not DTL. Also if you go for a starter kit or pod then I will recommend that you get two, as the batteries won’t last long.

You could also go a step up to what I would call the intermediate range, with a regulated mod with an internal battery and a MTL tank like for example the Innokin Kroma-A & Zenith kit.

If you however are a DTL smoker, then a pod system won’t do it for you, but there are also some starter kits that comes with a DTL tank though I can’t name any from memory. Another and perhaps better option would once again be a regulated internal battery mod like (once again) the Innokin Kroma, but the kit with the Crios tank instead.

(I’m using Innokin as an example, there are also many others that makes these kind of devices, though Innokin has an excellent reputation)

I won’t recommend that you start with any of the mods that you listed, mainly because they use external or replaceable batteries, which means that you also have to learn about battery safety, choosing the right batteries and buying an external charger etc. These are more advanced devices that you can always upgrade to later when you have successfully quit cigarettes and are looking for something bigger.

Also I can’t recommend SMOK as they are renowned for having terrible quality control, Wismec because they have a history for making mods with quite severe problems or Eleaf because I have had a bad experience with them myself :wink:

If you ignore everything else I wrote, then please consider what I wrote about MTL vs. DTL, and also consider not jumping directly into the deep end with an advanced system, but start with something simpler first.


Alright, thank you for the detailed reply :smile: Now I have to smoke to figure out MTL or DTL haha. I will take your advice in high regard