Smoker wanting to convert to vaping, need to choose a device

Of what you’ve listed, these are your better quality options IMO (I would avoid all things Smok and Wismec, if you’re looking for quality and longevity).

Personally I would strongly recommend a Smoant product. They are reasonably priced, and have been looked at very favorably by both reviewers, and the vaping public (users), myself included WRT the Cylon in particular.

Welcome to ELR, and good luck in quitting smoking!


The best advice that could possibly be made to a person trying to switch over for the first time.

I would first suggest like some others have trying the JUUL or one of the POD systems.

My wife has continued smoking for the last 3 years because vaping did not work for her.

Recently we got her a couple of the Sourin Drop POD systems and so far it is what has made the difference for her.


Well the good news is that almost all starter kits and pod systems are MTL, so there is plenty to choose between. My personal preference for starter kits would be Innokin or Aspire and perhaps the Juul for a pod system.


If I were you I would start out with something like the Eleaf iJust 3 kit, with the new mesh coils from the start.

That kit should not be too much for a starter kit, and the mesh coils are where its at with non-rebuildable tanks. The eleaf coils are also alot less pricier then many of their competitors.
Been working in a vape shop for a while, and if youre going straight from cigarettes to a vape kit, going for a DL setup require you to adapt your puff style some. There are also great MTL devices that mimic regular cigarette puffs (The Zenith tank + any mod. Or the nautilus kits which are old but gold and still used by alot of people - with super cheap coils compared to alot).

Be warned, your tastebuds wont pick up every e-juice straight away, takes like 2 weeks to a month before you start to realize how much more alot of the juices taste, compared to cigarettes. Even tho, I admit it, I still think tobacco smells great, only not after it has been smoked, and Ive been smoke free for a few years now.

Hope you figure it out and join the club :smiley:

And to quote eStorm

Hear ye! Hear ye! Could not agree more… Its not that their products are horrible, its just that you get more for your money going with any other brand. At least coilwise, this is my experience, and I know many people feel quite the oposite about that brand.


Hallelujah :pray: Amen :smile:

I can second that, very good product for a very good price :+1:


Now that that’s out of the way, I’d recommend reading the following…

Mjag’s Mega Pod review….9 Pods…1 reviewer with a hell of a nic rush!


My cheap and cheerful option would be the eleaf pico 25. But the ello tank will probably be too airy for you.
On the other hand a Pico + a tank of your choice will cost you less than many mods.
My first piece of equipment was an aspire pockex which wasn’t bad. But you are stuck with one type of coil.


If you’re smoking that much and have been doing so for more than a year or two, most of those devices are going to be WAY too much for your lungs to handle when first making the switch. I was a 26-year 1.5-2 pack a day smoker, and when I first made the transition to vaping I used a fairly low-powered device with an atomizer that had a fairly tight draw(This helps mimic the feel of drawing on a cigarette.)

For smokers looking to make the switch, I highly recommend the Innokin Endura line. Innokin has made a name for themselves in making devices that work(and work well) with the future ex-smoker in mind. The Endura (T18, T20/20S and T22) is an internal battery device(No need to buy batteries like the ones on your current list) and comes with a paired atomizer that works well with the device. The only thing a user needs to supply are juice and spare coils. These devices also do well with higher nicotine level juices so that you’re not battling the nicotine withdrawl. Innokin builds all of their devices to support pass-through charging, which means you can vape while the battery is on a charger. This comes in really handy at times!

The devices that were suggested to you, while for the most part are fine, are going to probably run you about $100-$150, depending on your atomizer choice, batteries and charger. The Innokin Endura T20S(The newest kid on the block) retails for $21.99(Or thereabouts) This will give you a good place to start in deciding if vaping is for you. Hope this helps-Cheers!


I was just about to share that the person who first suggested the devices above, gave the Pico 25 as a recommendation. I remembered it just now. I’ve been looking at and reading so many suggestions that my mind is starting to spin

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I’ve been smoking for about 13 years now, so definitely keeping your advice in mind


I have two, and this is the only thing I use ( as in I have a couple more which i don’t use). I like the replaceable battery so you can have one spare, the temperature control that works well enough and the format.
I use a Serpent smm RTA on top. I also recommend it if you want to go rebuidable. Not exactly MTL but not super open either.

It is not even that ugly in green


That is your opinion and sadly an opinion I hear too often. I’ve been sold devices that didn’t suit me because some people thought I needed to start small and gradually move up to the bigger systems.
I ALWAYS missed something and I always kept spending more money on things that simply weren’t for me. Had someone sold me my TFV8 cloud beast from the get go, I’d probably quit smoking right there and then (about 10 years ago). Instead, I muddled around for 8 years wasting money on cigalikes and those refillable vaping pens.

What worked for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, you should go somewhere where you can try MTL, DL, a Juul or other pod system, and whatever is out there, together with different flavor profiles and nicotine strengths. From 10 people that do it that way, you’re probably going to get 2, maybe 3 who’d walk away with the same kit. Everybody’s different.


If you read everything I wrote, then you would also have notice that I said that MTL was the wrong kind of system for me personally, everybody is different.

How can starting by figuring out whether you need a MTL or DTL system possibly be bad advice?


I maybe quoted a little too much… I meant the sentence “don’t jump directly in the deep end”
Some people need or want that and feel they’re just not getting what they want from a simple vape.


okay okay make life simple OP grab a joyetech dolphin from eightvape its super cheap and inside there is a mtl coil and a DL coil figure out which one suits yourr vaping style then get the better gear… i just know for me ive oned wismec , smok, kanger and other bigger known companies and ill NEVER go back i use Smoant mods the battlestar , charon , and cylon and while they are all great ill continue to buy the battlestar everytime i see one at a great price JUST to have for the future


I understand that it’s not very convenient… but 80km… 160km return, it’s not the end of the world.
We drive 100’s of kms to Paris, London or Amsterdam just for fun, to spend the day somewhere else. Quitting smoking is such a life changing (improving) thing that I wouldn’t even have to think about it for a split second about a 2 hour trip.

There are really 2 ways of going about it.

  • You order stuff online … find out that it’s not your thing, order something else and repeat the process until you finally get what you find is satisfying and keeping you off the smokes. This process is a bit of a gamble, can cost you 100’s of $$$ and it’ll take quite some time.
  • You get in your car, on the train or whatever means of transport you have, go to a shop, try a bunch of stuff and you walk out with something that you know is right for you. You can even call a shop before you go, tell them you need some time from them and make an appointment so you’re sure they have everything ready for you once you’re there. Any decent shop will help you out.

@MandiPeanut , you didn’t say where you live? I just hope it’s nowhere in the EU, or some other place that has insanely low limits on nic strength?

That’s good advice, IMO, now we’ve established you’re MTL But the secret of Juul’s success is that 50mg Nic salt juice, as others have mentioned. A 20 mg British equivalent, for instance would not deliver near enough nicotine.

If you’re going for any MTL device, do try to obtain, or mix 50mg juice. You can (and SHOULD) get away with much lower strength in the DTL devices because they get through the juice considerably faster.

Sorry we’re all confusing you with conflicting advice. My head would be spinning too!

I do think that maybe the very best thing, if you can manage it, would be to plan a trip to that faraway big town, and visit the vape shop there. It’s really hard to guess what will turn out to suit any given individual.


By simple, I simply meant something that is simple to use, not that it should necessarily be a low wattage MTL device. There are a plethora of things you need to learn when you are new to vaping and starting with an advanced mod with 100’s of different settings, external batteries and battery chargers doesn’t make it any easier.

Yes, there might be some where an advanced mod and a rebuildable tank would be perfectly fine as their first gear, but I doubt that there are many. And I will always recommend that people start simple, learn to crawl before running so to speak.


South Africa. Which is the main reason why I can’t just go to a vape shop. The nearest decent vape shop will be about 280km from me. I do not trust the vape shop that’s 80km from me. I am not going to bore you guys with details, let’s just say that it is not safe to travel to the big cities.


Well in that case it may be worth the money to order a few things online and find out what you want that way… safety is priceless.