Smokers could be given free e-cigarettes at food banks to ‘save money and improve health’

As part of the proposed project, smokers accessing support from a food bank will be offered a free e-cigarette starter kit. It is hoped it will help people save money and improve health if switching from normal cigarettes. The project is being rolled out in Hertfordshire where several food banks have already stepped forward to take part. Jim McManus, the director of public health at Hertfordshire County Council, said he hopes it will be up and running by the end of the year. It is estimated that switching to e-cigarettes could save a smoker with a 20-a-day habit more than £70 a week and reduce many of the harmful effects of tobacco smoking.

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Mr McManus’ proposal pointed to a widening gap in health inequalities between people from working class backgrounds due to smoking.

According to data in the report 12.7 per cent of the overall adult population in Hertfordshire smoke, with smoking rates much higher among those in manual jobs, on low incomes and those with mental health conditions.

Around 24 per cent of working class people in the county smoke, the report found.

Nice to see those stats being recognised. Usually, attitudes to smoking in the UK represnt just one more example of the rich judging the poor sigh

Nice article . Thanks!