Smokin' Bargain on Nic Base

Use code diy20 and it’s $24 a liter for 24 - 200mg :open_mouth:

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Done and done! HellzYea!

1 liter, 200mg/ml for $30.96 including shipping cost, Sign Me Up!

Thanks! :+1:

I don’t really like mfs nicotine, nothing against them but it is just to harsh for my liking

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Well damn…

MFS called me this morning and said this was a site glitch :cry:

Oh well, just gonna have them refund my credit card and go back to waiting on NudNic to drop their prices like they said they were…

Just an FYI

That’s bull. They should honor their screw up.

Alex was very nice on the phone and offered either a full refund or store credit so I could get the 100mg/ml. Then went on to explain why the issue occurred. Apparently, the DOT has passed new regulations on shipping Nic over 100mg/ml.

He went on to say they were going for some kind of certification training which implied that companies will be able to ship >100mg/ml Nic if they are certified in meeting packaging requirements according to the DOT reg’s. I didn’t inquire further information but this was my understanding after the conversation…

I can see the concern for this and it’s understandable. Nic is a poison (after all) and if some companies are practicing shoddy packaging procedures; that could place undue risk on uneducated parcel couriers. It’s a Haz-Mat issue I guess.

Food for thought and all…