Smooth nicotine in the UK

Hi all, looking for a little help.
Been vaping for about 3 months now and after about 35 years as a smoker I can’t believe how easy it’s been to give up, don’t even miss cigarettes now. Problem is I’ve got into making my own juice and I’m chasing a Pennywise clone, getting pretty close but it always seems way harsh on the exhale. I started mixing by volume, then drip, now by the gram, but it’s always the same,. I’ve mixed with 0 nic and it tastes fine, maybe not Pennywise but close enough, but as soon as I add nic it gets harsh, even at 2mg, and I normally buy Pennywise at 6mg and it’s as smooth as butter, no throat hit at all, which is what I like. Checked my measurements loads and I’m defo at 80/20 VG/PG so it must be the nic I’m using that’s at fault. I’ve read here that some nic concentrates seem harsher than others so can anyone recommend a nice smooth one that’s VG based and available in the UK? I’m using F&S 72mg VG base at the mo and it ain’t working for me at all. Like I say, I’ve triple checked everything so either their nic is mislabelled or it’s just got a taste I don’t get on with.
Thanks in advance…

I love the nic from


I get my Nic from also, cant recommend them enough!


Another vote for darkstar here


Yep same as

All the way :smile:

Just ordered 2L VG 2L PG & 500ml VG based nic. Under £40 inc post.

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This is excellent vg.


I use Lubrisolve for both VG and PG and its excellent and cost effective :thumbsup:


Trouble is I’m not sure I’d wanna use something called [quote=“Grubby, post:7, topic:105597”]
[/quote] it sounds like some kind of sex aid lubricant or something you use if you got a sore arse, I will check them out though.

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But no problem with “dark” “star” though eh… :smirk:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Darkstar for nicotine.

Lubrisolve for VG, PG and 250ml and 500ml bottles. Very good quality and dirt cheap. Also, loads of choices of different caps. Check them out!


Hey @w00cash666

I checked them out the prices are not that far off Darkstar & im thinking post, I paid nearly £7.00 for post for the 2 litres of VG PG & 500 ml 72%nic.

If I start buying stuff from different places, that’s two lots of post and probably works out the same or less???

You’ll have to let us know about the postal costs from Lubrisol.

I didn’t however check their bottle prices as I get mine from

Works out about 28p for a squeezable 100ml bottle with dropper cap & lid.

The 10ml bottles are like 10p with caps & lids. Both plus vat & delivery.

Some prices from Lubrisol would be good if anyone’s got any available. :wink:

Bookmarked though and next time I’ll have a proper look, just ordered 30 100ml bottles, just over 13 quid inc £5 post.

Last time I looked it was about (£18 before delivery) £25 for 5l of VG and 5l of PG delivered from lubrisolve


I have to apologize for jumping on the lubrisolve bang wagon when it comes to bottles. It was actually Lucemill where I get them from.

6.42 Lucemill vs 9.30 ibottles for 5x500ml boston round bottles delivered.

Lubrisolve for VG PG NIC

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It is my own personal preference, but I prefer LDPE bottles that Lubrisolve sell, as they are easily squeezable. Lucemill only sell the HDPE and PET versions which are much more rigid and not so squeezable and when trying to squeeze liquid out of a 500ml bottle the easier it is the better for me, anyway.

As I say personal preference, but there is a saving to be made if you don’t mind the more rigid plastic bottles that Lucemill sell

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Ok thanks @Grubby

I just checked Dark Star & its just under 30 quid for 5 litres of VG & PG not including post, so looks like Lubrisol maybe about a fiver cheaper.

Will def check them out next time, I got my Dark Star order this morning, so will compare buying VG & PG & Nic + post from Darkstar and VG & PG + post from Lubrisol & Nic from Darkstar + post. I’m betting there’s not a lot in it.

Be interesting to find out though.

@w00cash666 no worries bud it’s always great to find new suppliers, another one book marked, thanks. And @bluenose63 same as I prefer LDPE squeezable bottles too makes life so much easier iBottles do both :smiley:

And bottles came today too, mixing time :grinning:


The Boston Rounds I use are PET. I don’t have a need to squeeze them when dispensing to 30ml unicorn bottles with wide neck (I get those from ebay). I like PET because I can see the colour changes and the round top helps with the juice flow.


My thoughts exactly :rofl: but they do look good on paper.

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