Smoother-Outer Flavors

Hi folks! Would like to ask the community about flavors they know will “smooth” the throat hit. We have some awesome mixers on here and some may just know.

Since I switched to sub ohm, my recipes have been tweeked a bit to adjust for the higher wattage. I have seen posts about making juice sweeter, but not “smoother” or to knock down the throat hit.

Any suggestions on this would be more than appreciated!

Lotta good suggestions in this thread:

That is what I’m trying to find out. I upgraded my mods and tanks to super steamers and I have all of these bottles of liquid I made before sub ohm (BSO) I would like to just add a little VG and a smoother to so I dont lose the whole bottle. I’m not ever going back to 1.8 ohm coils.

I don’t know your PG/VG ratio, but high PG % has a stronger throat hit.

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I’m at max VG only PG is what is in the flavors I use, a lot of Capella. Is your experience with the Pyure Stevia a smoother for you Pro_Vapes?

Not Sure if this might help…?

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I only have it in a couple mixes and they are still steeping. I’m using it as a sweetener. I don’t know if it smooths out mixes.

From my experience Smooth TPA and Vape Wizard smooths and round out harsh mixes. Use sparingly tho.

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Thank you! I have used both of those in a few mixes. The Vape Wizard has a “taste” to it that hits me a little funny but I find myself putting a few drops of the “Smooth” in everything lately. I asked ecx to put up a page with a list of high heat tolerant flavors. To me, they should be able to cross reference the sucralose/sugar content in the flavorings as it’s my understanding it’s the sugar-ish molecules that burn?

Thank you JoJo!

… one of my kids husband is Trucker. I make them large bottles of liquid when they blow through this part of the country. I threw a bottle of organic stevia (not he pyure brand) in their last Easter basket. They say stevia does round out most anything I make for them if it “needs something”. I had tried the other brand and it made it kind of sickly sweet for me personally. I just ordered the pyure to try it.

They love mango, but mango gives me GERD because to me - it’s bitter. Their flavor likes are actually a lot different than mine.

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