Smuggling nicotine, re-name bottles

In Australia (where I’m from), nicotine is illegal. According to the law, we are able to import a max of 3 mths supply for “medical” reasons relating to cessation so long as we have a doctors certificate & can prove a medical need.
Turns out the reality is a little different… I’ve never had a doctors cert. & never had any trouble bringing it in & while I have not exceeded the “3 months supply”, I’ve heard that others do. Regularly.
Point is… Perhaps your govt is like ours… all hot air! & perhaps if you had a go at bringing in 125ml (3 mths) of 100mg nic it would actually work …I wouldn’t go over the alowable quantity though…that might raise eyebrows. So, what’ve u got to loose …a couple of bucks? They ain’t gunna throw you in the slammer (unless ur trying to smuggle it!)… they’ll only confiscate it …surely! Have a go!
I’ll stand by what I said earlier tho… Your friends need to get their own- even at 100mg, if you’re mixing for all them it’ll last about 3 days …ok, I exadurate for drama…3 weeks. Just the same, it won’t last long.


I never recommend intentionally breaking the law to any one. But I will say when I ordered a 250 ml bottle from a China based company the bottle wasn’t marked as 100 mg /ml nicotine. The customs declaration also only stated vegetable glycerin. I need to mention the bottle leaked in transport but the secondary plastic bag kept most of the leak contained. A real problem could have come from that. The company was greatly concerned and offered to replace the bottle. I have since found a less potentially risky way to get my NIC base. No more need to order from China. I didn’t name the company but I think any company there would be inclined to help.

I’m just really sorry you are having this trouble.

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So okei guys I talked to customs today, they talked about that because of some laws about personal information they can not keep records of when I bought nicotine, so I could order 24mg each week.

Now I only need to find a vendor in the UK that has high quality nic.

Why does it have to be UK?

That’s the closest you can get to iceland = cheap shipping

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Buy from China, they will send you a bottle of pure nicotine and call it pure vg on the package.


I wouldn’t store that near my other stuff without relabeling it…:scream:


Uk law only sells 7.2mg nic strength any higher is illegal to sell or purchase