Smuggling nicotine, re-name bottles

So i live in a country that only allows to import 24mg and only 100ml every 100days, the problem is that i´m making e liquid for me and my friends and this amount just inst enough, do you guys know any company that would sell me nicotine inn a bottle that would says its pg base but not nic base.


Have those people buy your Nic for you or other friends or family


it is not enough :frowning: i need way more! about 1-2liters of 100-200mg

You may need to apply for a business license to import more…or something to that effect.

Talk with other capers in your community regarding how they get their nic.

I would not recomendation miss labeling a 100mg nic shipment…what if it spills and someone has to clean it up and they aren’t wearing proper gear and they get seriously sick. Totally not cool.


Jeez, thats harsh! Even if you were only mixing for yourself thats nigh on impossible!..well, it would be for me!
But I’ve got to agree with @Chrispdx …& what if you get busted? hmm… might not go so well… for you or the person bringing it in.
The business license idea could have merit, otherwise, each of your friends needs to buy their own nic

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yeah, this is a big problem, i´m thinkin that i might be able to relabel this as rat poison, i heard rat poison includes nicotine, and rat poison isn´t illigal.

this way the people who ship the product can still take precaution when handing the nic and i could get it trough customs

Good God man, where do you live?

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Iceland, so over the border smuggling is out of the question I would have to go to the UK and smuggle it by plane

Oh Wow, I love Iceland. Why are they being so jerky about that? Bummer!

…Or boat??..fill up a big fat tuna! lol

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I would get a business license. I think big pharma may have a hand in that law.

What @Chrispdx say’s, never relabel nicotine to something else, no company will help you smuggle anything.

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The whole premise of using the word “smuggle” to talk about nicotine is so beyond belief when metric plane and boat loads of cigarettes are …

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How much organic tobacco can you get your hands on? You can make your own. It’s easy to extract nicotine from the leaf.

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Tobacco is so expensive so that would never work :frowning:

There is no way to get a business license, this is under the law of Medicine manufacturer, I would Need a company and many millions to get even started.

In the Uk you could go over to France and bring back as many cigarettes as you want to but it would not be cost effective.

How do other people get their nicotine? Like other vapor shops and the like?

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Wops. Ok. Iceland. Hmmm. What about going to a pharmacy? Maybe they can order it for you?