Smy50 TC Review

Once again I’ll start by thanking Anita from GearBest

I had been hearing about this slick looking mod from Smy that also had temperature control so I thought I’d check it out and see how it stood up to other mods in the temperature control world.
Seeing how they have put out some pretty good products in the past such as the smy180 I figured this could be a nice little box that might get passed over for some of the fancier options out there .


Spring-loaded 510
Fit for 1*18650 Battery
Over temperature Protection
Anti-reverse Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Control Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Timeout Protection
With USB Charging Port
With Slide Cover And Damping Design
With LED Display Screen
Temperature control (Atomizer Resistance:0.1-1ohm)
Variable Wattage (Atomizer Resistance:0.1~3ohm)

What’s in the Box

In the box you get the mod itself which comes with a protective film around it , a cleaning cloth ( which you will need as this thing is covered in fingerprints at all times ) . It also comes with a instruction manual that is supposed to feel like its leather bound which makes it look fancy I guess . The manual itself is fairly detailed about the operation of the mod so that’s good . Also included is a Micro USB cable for on board charging .


The mod itself is quite slick looking and heavy , makes it feel well built . I opted for the black with gunmetal sides which looks awesome with black tanks or drippers and equally good with SS tanks . The front and back seem to be glass reinforced by steel. The screen itself is decently big and is centred on the front of the mod and is bright and easily readable anywhere you take it . The buttons ( up,down,menu) are right under the screen and feel responsive and clicky .
As far as comfort goes this doesn’t rate high on my list of mods . It feels kind of squared off in your hand and it’s really thick and heavy . It’s not terrible but I have more comfortable mods. Button placement for firing is spot on though so that’s a plus .
The battery cover just slides off nicely and is held in by a spring loaded ball bearing however seems to slide back down a bit when turned vertical and shakes when in use which is extremely annoying and makes it feel like it will slide off .
The 510 is not set flush to the box so no matter what none of your attys will either . They’ve done this so you won’t scratch the finish off the metal but I mean come on , I’d rather scratches than be annoyed by the gap !


This is one area where this mod excels . It has a puff counter which can be reset as well as a timer so you can see how long it took you to chain vape a tank which I thought was pretty cool.
You can change the lock setting ( up to 255 min) so it doesn’t lock every 5 minutes like it will on the factory settings which is very annoying as you have to use two hands to do so by pushing the up and down buttons or rather back and forward buttons. You can also change the auto shut down from 1-255 minutes.

Performance ( regular vw mode & temperature control)

So to test regular wattage mode I put my Revel RDTA on my I stick 50 watt and my smok m80 and then the Smy 50 TC at 35 watts with a .45 dual coil . The Smy hit harder than the istick but about the same as the smok m80 . So basically it’s a great little hard hitting vw box mod .

I used everyone’s old favorite cotton burn technique with a .12 ohm ni200 spaced coil and set the temp to 410 F and started myself a nice smoke show . So I figured maybe it’s a little off so I put it on 400 …burn .Everything down to 380 burned cotton and even when finally I did get juice to it the vape was so cold and weak it wasn’t even worth it . Maybe it’s overpowered greatly I don’t know but either way from what I can tell it doesn’t work proper and I don’t like it . It also has this annoying beeping or heartbeat while in temp control .

My vaporflask, invader mini , and IPV4 work perfectly and I have no problems using them in temp control and enjoy the vape I do get but maybe I’m doing something wrong …I don’t think so though .
Battery life is not great . I used both a Samsung 25r as well as a LG he2 and both performed the same . Battery lasted me less than half a day as I was onto my third before bed .


If someone asked me if I think they should buy this mod for temp control I’d tell them flat out No, I wouldn’t say the temp control doesn’t work but it doesn’t work properly . If they asked me if it was a good vw mod I’d say yes , I would say it’s no better or no worse than any other 50 watt device out there right now . The battery is removable and also has on board charging through micro usb which is great for everyone cause the battery life is awful . The battery cover on mine rattles and is ultra annoying so it lost points right out of the gate with me for quality control ( I haven’t heard anybody else with this issue yet but it’s pretty new)
Do I hate it no , I like the look of it and it does work quite well in reg vw mode . As far as a temp control mod it’s not the one you should get . I like the settings and firing button placement but feel there is a lot of wasted space on the mod like they could have done more with it . I also feel like it is unnecessarily heavy .
I know I’ve been hating on this mod pretty hard but really for a 50 watt mod for under 50 bucks it’s not a bad unit . I’ve spent more on a single tank than this whole mod costs so maybe that puts things into perspective .

I will update this review if my opinion changes or if I have different results with further testing. Bare in mind I have only been using this mod for a week exclusively .

Thanks for reading guys ! And I’m sorry for the hairy legs in the pics :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you want to pick one up you can get one here for a great price !
$44.99 with coupon SMY50W


I should get me a TC mod soon! Too bad that doesn’t work on this properly :confused:

Funny, I have one on the way for review too! :stuck_out_tongue:
Seems like every review is saying the same, TC mode isn’t up to snuff just yet and the heartbeat is annoying.

Also, I have equally hairy legs.


I’m going to play around with it some more but I can’t make this work proper and I don’t think it’s just me .

nice review… keep us posted if you get the TC working correctly…

I will . I’m gonna screw around with it with different resistances and see if that’s the ticket but I mean it should really work fine at any res within its working range .

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