Snap, crackle and pop - noisy atty question

I haven’t tried heaps of different atomisers but the handful that I have tried all talk to me when I vape, some are loud as hell and spit fire like a demon (Merlin mini) and others are beautifully smooth (Kayfun 5).

I’m wondering if anyone can explain why the noise level varies so much. Obviously the design of the atty plays a large role but is there anything else? Can I build for quiet or am I pretty well stuck with the personality of the tank.


Make sure the coil has no hot spots.
All of mine are cranky in the morning. I don’t know how to stop it other than dripping and warming them up.
I wick kinda tight and make sure the cotton is flat and no stray “baby hairs” are poking out when the cotton is wet. Push all the little strays back into the wick to make it nice and neat.
Gradually increase wattage in a cold atty.
Overdripping or flooding makes them spit if the airflow holes get juice in them and it gets sucked up.
Twisteds like to spit a lot if conditions aren’t perfect.

I am experimenting with spaced builds and it seems to be better at silence, but am not sure yet.
I hear other peoples tanks make a whole lot of racket and gurgly rattling and stuff. Usually with prebuilt coils in them. IDK why that is.

I will deal with all that, as long as there is no whistling. Whistling will not be tolerated! :rage:

I am sure that tank and RDA design has a lot to do with it, but with a rebuildable, one can get in there and at least try to make it STFU.


I had to google that, Very nice.

Thanks for the info. I had a feeling that I was doing it wrong :smile: I’ll try to pacify the noisy ones with new builds and try to be nicer to my coils in the morning.

The merlin mini is one angry mofo, has anyone managed to tame it?


@cooper1 I’ve run into this far more often with RDA’s than my beloved Steam Crave RDTA’s. Think it depends on the device, type of coil and how much cotton you pull through the coils. The simpler coils seemed to be quieter. When I pulled a looser cotton through the coils I noticed far more spitting, pulled tighter cotton through and it reduced.


Been wondering the same thing for ages, have heard and read a bazillion explanations but I still can’t figure it out.
I can cut strips of wick of the exact same size, wick the coils, juice up. If it pops and cracks and nearly exploded… rewick with an exact same strip of cotton and it’s all nice and smooth. Same coil, same juice.

My experience is that I have it a little worse with spaced coils compared to tight coils (e.g. goon/spaced vs rabbit/tight) but I do notice that after a couple days, it always gets worse.

People sometimes say I’ve got my wattage too low, I should turn it up so the liquid gets vaporized instead of starting to boil, but that makes it even worse. Turning down power or temp helps.

The tighter the wick, the less popping I have too but again, after a couple days it’ll all come back no matter what.

@cooper1 I can understand the frustration and for the same reason I often grab a tank when I don’t want to chase people away looking for shelter.


I’ve nearly blinded myself with this on several occasions with spitting meteors…even the person stood next to me got it on one occasion…
Awesome flavour tho :joy:


No pain no gain eh :smile: What is that thing, it looks like some kind of cyborg poo.


It’s a ‘so horny’ clone , rediculous thing and a massive PITA to wick but…shove enough power up its wrong’n and turns into an angry spiteful spitting flavour machine lol


In my experience, when i got spitting that means i wick too loose. Wont get dry hits that way, but simple or clapton, there will be spitting.

I always try a snug fit now, however if i wick too thick, i will get dry hits, especially in wattage mode.

I’m so happy there’s tc mode. There are times i still feel the dry hits in tc mode, but rarely now, and always after 3-4 days, usually. That only means i have to rewick.

Edit: however, i’m still very new to vaping, just going 6 months now, and never use any other coil except simple, clapton or staggered.


Am I the only one that likes the crackle?

I mean not the snapping and loud popping, but I just love hearing the satisfying sound of a nice crackle when I take a pull.


No, I enjoy some snap, crackle, pop too. It simply means you have the juice at a full boil, lol. I have had some atties where due to the design that boiling liquid will hit my mouth and that is no fun. I’ve been able to tone a couple down with a slower heating element build and found a good balance and good vape. I’ve had a couple that just ended up landfill. But ya, especially a couple of mtl atties I have will work up to a boil and the snap, crackle, pop, is the sound of getting a good solid hit of vapor and I love it.


OK, good. I was starting to think I’m the only one. If I don’t hear crackling when I take a pull, I know my wicking is not right. At least for me.


No issues with a crackle, that’s what you get from regular tanks and coil heads too… I’m talking about loud popping and miniature explosions where juice is spitting out of the airflow :grin: Stuff that makes people wake up in the next room behind closed doors.


I was wondering if that would come up. I don’t mind a crackle but I prefer a fizz if that makes sense. The smoother the better IMO.

When I hear loud pops on some atty’s I wince in preparation for pain, most pops don’t shoot larva but my brain makes the association between pops and pain and it makes vaping a tense and somewhat unpleasant experience.

I’ll see if wicking the coils tighter helps, thanks all.


If your atty is shooting larva then it definitely needs a thorough cleaning!

Also, if you like smooth, I have only been vaping it for a couple days, but with a pair of spaced fused claptons, the Geekvape Blitzen tank that I won has got to be the smoothest, most silent atty I have ever used so far. Not in the morning when all my atties will be a bit too “bright eyed and bushy tailed”, (Is it just me or is there a pun or 2 in there?), but it is so smooth with the airflow and all. However, I wick pretty tight, and avoid bushy tails for the most part.


Thanks, My builds are pretty tame and I’ve not tried claptons. I’ve never felt the urge to vape above 50W and my builds are very simple because I’m quite new to it. Mostly I’m very happy with the results I’ve had, and I only experience fireballs from one atty. Yep, it does need a clean but, it shoots fire regardless. I’m going to put in some 24 or 26 gauge SS coils in it when I can be bothered and see how goes. I’m feeling pretty confident that It will still deal me some pain. :smile:

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Larva :rofl: I is stupid derp, derp.

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Fastech sells some drip tips with screens in them. I can’t say I liked them much but they did help some with a “spitter”.


A solution, cool.

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