Sneaky Drag - Flavour Art

Has anyone tried it? I can’t find much info on it. I’ve just received at bottle which i’m most likely going to mix as a single flavour to start with.

Product Description

This is one of those flavours that takes you back in time to when you would sneak out for a quick cig. It’s a dryer vape than some of the rich tobacco flavours with the aftertaste of having smoked a cigarette, so it will not be to everyone’s liking. Those of a certain age might remember Sovereign or Number 10, the budget version of Number 6, and this is similar. If you miss the days when you would nick into the bushes or behind the bike shed for a crafty drag then this might touch your tastebuds. It isn’t sweet or nutty, more a slightly bitter dry smokey flavour.

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I’m pretty sure that’s one of the FA Blended concentrates that’s only readily available to UK and EU Vapers; I’ve not seen it available in the U.S.; seen it talked about in other forums since 2014; always wanted to try the FA Golden Rollie. :pensive:

Enjoy! and let us know if you like it. :grinning:

Ahh this one?

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This is pretty nice SNV

Sneaky Drag | 30ml

Ingredient %
sneaky drag (FA) 3

Flavor total: 4%
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That’s the one! :grinning: I love a nice tasty Virginia tobacco.

I’ve not got any of these:

Golden Rollie Flavour Art Concentrate
Cowboy Flavour Art Concentrate
Maxx Blend Flavour Art Concentrate
Sunset Virginia Inawera Flavour Concentrate
Seven Leaves Flavour Art Concentrate
Honey Wood Tobacco Flavor West Concentrate

Any of them NOT worth getting?

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I’m not a big fan of the FA Cowboy, but that’s just me…you might love it! :wink:

I have the Maxx Blend and the Seven Leaves. They are both nice; steep time is important with these…they’re vape worthy at about 3 weeks. :+1:

Cheers for the info :slight_smile:

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