Snow Wolf Mini Mod 75W TC Coming soon

I own 2 Snow Wolf 200w and they are my most reliable and consistent that I own. I’m looking forward the release of this smaller SW. I usually won’t buy a single battery mod, but I’ll give this one a shot.

Snow Wolf Mini Mod

I have to ask:
How do you use the Snowwolf 200 in TC for Ti? Don’t they claim to support only nickel?


That’s true. I use the TC function anyway. Although Ti is not supported it still regulate to a certain point. I don’t let my tank run very low, so no dry hits.

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i guess you dont set the resistance on the Snowwolf?

It detects new coils and set it for you. I like it because it’s not finicky. It reads everything I put on it and fires with vicious power. I’ve never used anything but Ti on it so I don’t know what happens with other wires.

From what I’ve read these new SW will have a better TC function… including Ti.

I’m considering the new sw v2 with the lcd screen 200w. Looks a beast with ti got to be a winner.
Or this