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So I can’t figure this one out


I got blueberry muffin real flavors , rf strawberry,rf blueberry and at 3ro 4 % there all pretty weak does any one have any experience with these flavors. The blueberry muffin is decent at 3% with 3 % Nona’s cake and some extra blueberry I actually find it to be a nice vape after a week. But I’d really like to find a few ways to use it if u have any ideas let me know.Ordering more flavors tomorrow so ill get some if anyone troughs some ideas out there thank u.



no experience with RF but you might have better luck posting in flavors category.
These are the SC line? (super concentrate)



Yep thanks posted it in flavors



Lots of people don’t like to do single flavor tests (SFT) but this is one of those cases where you see the importance of it. If you run in trouble with your mixes, always fall back on SFT to get a reference point.

Start by checking the median use of those flavors to get a feel for the strength of a concentrate. Don’t depend totally on it because flavor is subjective and relative to the equipment you’re vaping it on.
Too little concentrate can cause weak flavor but using too much can do just the same.
I always like to point to this video because it’s a good method of getting a feel for the concentration needed. However, you should keep in mind that steeping will have a big influence on most flavors but this will give you a good starting point on what to use. Knowing the ins and outs of flavors requires time and patience for testing, steeping and often retesting with some adjustments.

Having your tests steep at different concentrations at once saves you time.

Some flavors are extremely strong and just require a drop in your tests… so using it at 2 or 3% would totally kill the flavor. Always start low and build your way up.
Mix enough so you can follow the steeping process and test every couple days in the beginning and later move on to testing every other week. Take notes on how the flavor develops and you’ll know the properties of the flavor and what to expect at different percentages. Keeping notes is important so you always have something to fall back on. After a while, people usually accumulate so many flavors that it becomes nearly impossible to remember it all of every concentrate.

Obviously, it’s always possible you just got a bad flavor but IMO, less than 1% of flavors that I’ve ever ordered weren’t good when I got them. If you keep flavors for a long time, they may also lose flavor but that usually takes a long time or not storing it properly.



Further to what @Suomynona said, I’d like to add that you have to remember that you’re dealing with VG (I guess.) based flavours, not saying you didn’t, but VG Flavours based need a long steep, further to that you might need higher percentages, 5/6% is not unusual.
It’s one of the reason why RF did an SC line and if I remember correctly they also do a PG based line.
At the end just know what you’re using and act accordingly (SFT… SFT… we never have time for this have we? But if you want to nail a flavour correctly it’s the only way!)



If these are SC, try the regular Blueberry and Strawberry at 2%, 3% max. If you went with 4% they may be muted. I can’t say anything about BB Muffin, i don’t have it, but the others are not weak and are very good and flavorful. Two of my favorites.



The “SC” in Real Flavors (SC) is BS. There’s nothing super concentrated about them IMHO. Unfortunately (BS) is not part of the naming convention.

Edited to insert: IMHO



How long to steep



Yes and no, for me.

I see many, many concentrates from the older (CAP, TPA, FW) brands being used at 5-8+% and couldn’t imagine using the SC RFs like that. 4% is pushing the limits of turning to junk for most, i like a few at that %, (like French Vanilla, Strawberry Milkshake)

Now, a couple I’ve used are truly super-concentrated, like Cheesecake and Fresh Baked Bread. But many brands have these super potent outliers.

I do agree that the SC label is an overstatement, but when compared to other brands, as well as their own VG-based predecessor, they kind of are. BS simply doesn’t fit with my experience. Not saying you’re wrong, just want to add my perspective for balance

But, i think calling them a more honest “More Concentrated than Other Types” would have been a mouthful!

2% Banana (MCtOT) (Real Flavors) haha!



3 days to 2 weeks. These two are pretty good right off the mix, but need a few days to tighten up a bit.

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To me, a true SC would be handed to the NF line. They do have several that are weak like cherry Bordeaux, pineapple and coconut but the rest are strong AF



Man, that Coconut NF is strong to me. 0.5% is plenty noticable, 1% full flavor and 2% is maxed out.
Agreed, though. They have a lot of true SCs



Maybe they changed their formula on coconut cause I had to use a lot to get where I needed on the pina colada mix.



Im not a big fan of their Blueberry but the strawberry is plentiful between 1 and 2 pct btw are you using the VG or SC



I’m using the sc it’s suspended in 3% ethyl alcohol I think. I know it’s not vg



I sft them all at 3%



That’s not a bad start. The SB and BB were weak to you at 3%? I gotta ask, how long did you steep those 2, and what is your mod/atomizer combo, wattage, etc?

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Cuboid pro with dead rabbit single .49 alien coil at 60 watts 4days today’s 5 days and it’s getting stronger