So I don't really get it?

so y do I need a flavor enhancer if I already have the flavor??? y not just increase the percentage… I’m seeing more of the enhancers for sale??? …and my juices seem to be super with flavor to start??? hmmmm is it a farse???



There are a multitude of BS items out there that claim certain things.

For Example
In gardening there are a million and one stimulators for making your fruits/flowers bigger, fuller, heavier, denser, blah blah blah when in actuality you only need to supply the plants with the correct amount of things to grow healthily. (I won’t divulge into why/how I know this :wink: ) but it’s all BS.

So why not make vapers think that they need this magic elixir that will salvage their poor recipe and make it great or it will allow them to only use 1% flavour and 5% magic elixir to enhance that flavour. When the magic elixir costs more than the flavouring anyway lol.

If there’s people willing to buy these products then there are people willing to bottle whatever to sell it them.



In my opinion, yes. Truth be told possibly some of these enhancers MAY actually help SOME mixes, but, it’s very doubtful that any one of them would enhance ALL mixes. Probably the only mixes it enhances are BAD MIXES…lol


Sometimes flavor % increases = PERFUME. Some enhancer really do bring out more flavor. Most are a gimmick to me. The best flavor enhancer that I know of doesn’t come in a bottle… It’s in the coil.


I wish… hmmm @daath could you make a super like… haha

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