So I found these labels

So I was looking around for something to use for labels once I begin DIY, and came across these. Avery 2x3 Clear

I have read that the ink will smear if it gets wet, so I was thinking, what if I print one, then use a 2nd label directly over the first, as sort of a laminate layer, they are clear, and just barely small enough to fit on a 30ml+ glass bottle… it’d come out to $0.25 per bottle to label, as it has 80 in the pack, and so 2 per bottle, 40 bottles of labeling. What do you think guys? Any other suggestions?

do a search for waterproof vinyl labels there are a ton of them out there both in transparent and solid backgrounds and a variety of sizes. No need to double up your work. :slight_smile:

Don’t the vinyl labels require a different type of printer? I only have a crappy old ass HP Deskjet 5440.

I’m sure there are compatible products. search “waterproof labels inkjet” and read the descriptions to see if they will work with your model. You’ll probably find more than you wanted to. As soon as I use up my paper ones, I’ll get some vinyl labels and un-ghetto my stash LOL

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When you get back on your feet [moneez] the best thing I have found for pretty labels is a label maker like a Brother personal label maker, P-Touch labeling system, etc. If your juice runs down on them, they won’t fade or the ink run. They are also fairly easy to remove when needed. It is not a label you would use if you sold your bottles commercially, but can make really nice home labels. Small ones are pretty cheap. I use them on everything, herb tinctures, oil blends, labels on all my chargers and cables so I remember what they go to, and only on my e-juice bottles that I make repeat mixes.

Now, back to reality…when you begin, most likely you are going to make lotsa bottles to try your hand at vaping alchemy. You will probably get tired, fast, making-printing pretty labels for everything. I use Ball dissolvable labels, they are made for canning [pickles, sauces, etc.] and can be bought anywhere canning supplies are sold [walmart,publix,kroger] and use an extra fine point sharpie to write with. They are made to easily wash off when you clean/wash your jars/bottles. They are oval-shaped, some have cute borders…I even cut them in half so one label does two bottles. 60 labels for less than $2 per box.[or 120 half labels] They are 2"long x 1"tall/wide.
Save your $$$$ for flavors,bottles,syringes,a scale [like a AWS LB-501 $23/Amazon that NEVER auto shuts off when plugged in with power cord]

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