So my brother started a YouTube channel

And if your into turkey hunting or hiking you should go check it out!! He already has several hiking videos up, a hunting video, and several other product review type videos. I’ll drop the link below, and if you have compliments or criticisms leave him a comment, he is trying to make a place for himself in the outdoor entertainment world and is looking for feedback as he gets this channel going.


Im not a hunter or anything like that , but if it helps boost rating for him ill subscribe and watch … I like watching anything informative


The hiking videos are pretty good, especially considering they are the first he has ever filmed. I appreciate you upping the view count, and I know he does too.

I don’t really hunt much either, I like squirrels but you don’t get much meat from one lol and my wife likes deer hunting way more than I do, so I let her go out and fill the freezer during hunting season lol. It works out well, she keeps the baby when I go on 12-14 hour all day fishing trips lol I can’t complain.


NP i subscribed and watched the video you linked , that’s a pretty awesome place … Ty for the share …


I’ll check it out also.


Thanks! He called me this morning, said he had 5 new subscribers when he woke up and was curious where they came from, he is currently driving through a blizzard in South Dakota to go hunt more turkeys lol @Dan_the_Man he said he would get back to you as soon as he gets off the road or out of the snow lol


Good for him :+1:
He looks a little nervous in his introduction video but I’m sure he’ll grow into it.
I have no affinity with hunting at all but to each his own and I’m always happy to support a family member of a family member so I subscribed :upside_down_face: :laughing:
I do like the outdoors so I’m sure there will be something interesting to see besides the hunting. :evergreen_tree::cactus:


Thanks Jose, I appreciate it!


So, are you planning to guest star in one of his videos?


Idk, possibly, what’s funny is my best friend and I were talking about how we needed to start a fishing and off-roading channel on YouTube ourselves, and about 3 days later my mom told me he had started a hiking and hunting channel lol.


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