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So this reviewer we know


i had to vote for you since your family here…if u were not on the list it would of been Mooch…but family first


I did my civic duty and voted…hey @Steampugs where’s my damn sticker lol


That’s very kind of you thank you :wink:


Well done @Steampugs throw a vote for you. Making the list is a massive win dude.


WTG @Steampugs ! Got my vote. :slight_smile:


I know right?..to be in the same category as Mooch is unreal…but now we have to kill him :neutral_face:


Thanks brother :wink: :facepunch:


Thanks Alisa :wink: :+1:


I know it a stretch but is silly that you would have to compete w/ him tho. I respect both of your opinions on different topics, his being the obvious. As far as video reviewers, if i have an interest or questions on a certain piece of gear i will watch more then one regardless of who they are since they are mainly opinions.


Sorry dude but I had to vote for him too. My criteria is simple, what would be worst for the community if this guy or girl stopped doing what he or she did.
There aren’t enough battery testing guys around that are trustworthy


Hey its fine dude, hes the man everyone knows that, I’ll count myself incredibly privileged to come third IF that happens


Thing is Worm, the award is his, he really doesn’t need any help he’s on 56% of the vote, I knew I’d never win it, thats just silly, but this is the first time I’ve been nominated for anything and there’s a chance I could come third which is just epic, mooch is the man, I pay the guy every month, the industry needs him, pretty much that simple, and the one in second place has double what I have so…if it stays like it is then I could snatch 3rd :wink: …so cool to be recognised for doing something you work hard at let me tell you.:wink:


One more vote for @Steampugs


legend thank you :wink:


I think that was sort of the point here… It wasn’t necessarily a push to get our Puggy up to the top spot. Someone like a Mooch will generally always take all categories he’s grouped in. It was more a show of support and a bit of visibility for Mr. Steamy. In that context it’s sorta not so OK if you ask me. Yeah, the work done on cell safety and all that is a highly valued service, and that’s where my vote would likely have gone if there was no Pug. But this thread was really, as Puggleston said, more of just recognition of how hard he works in the industry too, and letting the rest of the vape world know it.


too kind fella…too kind :grin::hugs::ok_hand::beers:


Well, you work as hard as anyone in the industry, really… Not just a tireless reviewer, but also with a website and a band of merry reviewers to tend to (and clean up after). You don’t often let on to how active you are in the industry, but we know. And you deserve the kudos your massive ego yearns for. :wink:

Oh, not to mention your actual life you must split time with. Your beautiful wife and lovely child (that looks suspiciously like me wakka wakka).


kids…dammit…forgot about them :roll_eyes:

Well only one of them vapes and I dont live with him sooo…thats the excuse I’m going with :+1:



Sup lovelies! Just gonna leave this absolute beauty right here for any who’d like to read👇



Thats great ty for the share , btw how are you ??? Give love to grubby!!! and pugs knows he will forever be my princess :wink:


Voted it’s all good…good luck