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So this reviewer we know


Just dropping in to say how super proud I am of @Steampugs. Love ya bro :kissing_heart:

And anybody who’d like to vote for him (pretty please - I’m not ashamed to beg) can do so here:

https://www.ecigclick.co.uk/ecigclick-vape-awards-2018/ (I think)

Hope everybody is happy, healthy and doing well!


Already voted!

For pugs of course!


I voted for Mooch…love that man…


Voted, just i hope i did it right…


I just had to vote for Pugs.


You can count on my Vote


Thanks guys, really means a lot :wink: :ok_hand:


Another vote for pugs. :+1:


You got my vote. I hope your country doesn’t mind foreign interference with this!


Of course he gets my vote :star_struck:


I voted for the Pugs too. Not only for all the great info he shares, but because it got our old friend @Lolly to stop in and say hi.


Yes flower @Lolly, one more vote from one of your petals. Hope you doing fine!
Well done Mr @Steampugs!


Thanks @Lolly I just got my @Steampugs on.


you guys are awesome, thank you!! :happycry:


How can the most entertaining reviewer ever not be in first place?

Oh wait, he is. Hope you can catch him Pugs!! :sunglasses:


He’s one of my favorites, by far.


Done! Ole Ogre don’t agree with many, lol.


@Steampugs…Got yer back my masterfully witty online friend!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t forget to vote for the Best Vape Forum!


“Congrats on winning, here is your high five”