So what do you do when you vape?

So what do you do when you vape? Read a good book? Play Insurgency? Knit? Paint?

Tell us!

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I like to “sit on the throne” and have a nice vape and fog the room so when I turn on the shower and the steam mixes with the vape it gets really thick. Then after the shower I call my wife in and scare her because she can’t see an inch in front of her face :smiling_imp:


hahahhah that’s hilarious :smiley: Aah, the good ole vooping is popular :wink:

When I vape, I’m usually working - at my desk!

Oh what don’t I like to do would be easier! I like vaping pretty much all the time…when watching a movie, grilling, sitting on the front porch, you name it. I suppose my favorite time is like jzerba…those moments of privacy when I can blow clouds to my heart’s content. Of course I always have some great smelling juice to try and counter, ahem, other smells! :smile:


Coffee/Work/FullMeltN :slight_smile:

Work on code or geeky stuff quite a bit. Oh, and vooping. LOL!

I vape with beer and for dessert !

Depends…when I am finally vaping a 3 month steeped custard I usually just sit there, emptying a tank in minutes while the world goes about its business, thinking maaan thats a good custard…looking at my gear, feeling it, admiring the craftmanship and the sexy curves…playing with it…put it gently between my lips savouring every sensation. :slight_smile:

You should right romantic vaping novels! I caught myself checking out my mod while reading this :slight_smile:️

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Crochet, sew. Mostly.

Reading this forum :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have my stuff with me all the time so it could be driving, at desk at home, outside the office or walking from the tube to a customer’s office. Oh which reminds me! I noticed a few funny looks while travelling around London yesterday. I wasn’t vaping on the tube but outside just before you go down the stairs into the station. It was only after a while I realised that a Sigelei box mod, at a little bit of a distance, could potentially look a little bit like a detonator…oops lol Don’t suppose the clouds helped either lol


I noticed people giving me curious looks when I have my Sigelei box with me :smile: Even more if it has the full size Subtank on it :smiley: Looks fairly insane!