Software for Saving Flavourings

I really like the software on this page that allows you to list your flavours, cost, how many mls, etc.
Am I missing something?
Is there a way to download it once listed to an HTML page or pdf, Excel, etc?

I am suddenly swamped with so many flavours my original list is out of control-looking for new methods.

I’m not sure what you mean… Can you elaborate? You can export your recipes, and you can print out your stash (and your browser/computer can print to PDF)…

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Here I notice when i type in flavours and mls in the required spot, when I go to “print” it, all the mls and everything are empty. Hence, I would have to enter it a second time in the NOTES section as that seems to be the only area that shows anything besides the Flavour name…unless i am doing something wrong? (which I likely am?)

I will figure it out…its a great system here. I just haven’t quite figured it out the fine tuning I need for about 100 flavours

I’ll have a look at the print section - it’s likely that mls and price etc are not on the print page - is that just what you’re after? :slightly_smiling:

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more Mls than price.

In other words, when I print out the page, I was hoping that the mls for each flavour I had was showing, rather than just a list of flavours.
But neither was I expecting you or anyone to have to go to work to accomplish this.
I just assumed it was something i was doing incorrectly on my end.

As it is now, I enter the mls which shows up on my page so I know off hand if I have enough. But when I print it out, the mls disappears so I am only left with the flavour name.
I can get around this by entering the mls, as well into the Notes so upon printing, it shows up. The only downside is that if one needs to enter it twice, it allows for mistakes easier unless one is 100% diligent and does remember to enter it two times for each flavour.

But i can deal with it that way, as long as i know that’s how it is done.
I just thought I was making a mistake - now i know I am not, I will just enter it twice.

just a thought but are you hitting save at the bottom of the page?

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The two print options are extremely basic and neither are particularly useful.

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Yes I am. Have worked with it and just decided to enter what i need in the Notes section so I can see what i need with one quick glance.
The downside to that is I notice most who leave notes speak of the flavour, what its best percentage is but my notes wont be helpful to anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

@ShelaghDB the notes are all for you, no one else can see them. the comments are for the rest of us.
The people in this community are pretty awesome and extremely helpful. Every one of them will go out of there way to help you, especially @daath, also known as lars. He is pretty awesome, there isn’t anything he won’t do to make this the absalute best DIY (and more) site ever created.
Glad to have you

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Ah good to know. I noticed when I saved it in pdf format yesterday that some flavours had plenty of comments underneath. I should have looked closer than. I thought those were peoples notes showing up.
My concern, was that i would be creating a headache for others. That fear now rested. The print option is fine.
Thanks! Agreed to comments about community, Lars/Daath, etc!

I’m pretty sure notes are public. Unless there’s other notes I’m not aware of

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I know you like the program here, but I found a program I really like and it’s free(but you can donate to the programmer if you like). I wanted something I can run on my own machine, and have it available all the time. I also wanted something to track my inventory(how much of each flavor, the vendor I buy it from, etc) It has tons of options and seems to work well. You can find it here :

You can import from other program files, export,import, print labels, it maintains your inventory(print inventory, shopping lists, etc…) , alerts when below a level you set, has pricing, etc…

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Ah, guess i better delete all that pornographic material i was including in my notes :slightly_smiling:

j/k thanks, I was pretty sure that was what i saw but was questioning if an early onslaught of senility had struck.
Now i know it hasn’t, I will just be very discreet in my “notes” Thx!

TechnoGeek: Thx, familiar with it and may at some point use it as well but aside from one minor quirk, I just happen to find all I do need here + just wanted to perfect it to my liking. Hear its a great software though!

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LOL. Well, when I go to print, the only notes that show are mine. But I know when you look at each flavor’s details page the notes that everyone have made about them show up.

1 Like I did take a peek and will do so again when I have time but all i saw were PC set ups… i use all macs but will look again later. For now this site is great but if there is an app that does extend this to it, i will look again.

Actually thought i had downloaded an app to my phone, which is android but i dont see it. Maybe i did, maybe i didn’t, but thanks, will look into it later, again.

I’ll have a look at the print stash soon!

There’s now a line with mls, price and single % :slightly_smiling:


Nice @daath!

I believe the links on the page you provided are out of date, the Juice Calculator program can be gotten from the google or dropbox cloud that page is pretty old (list the current version as 6.0.22 when the actual current version is I believe).