Solid list of DIY clones!

I ran across this today. I don’t know if it’s been posted here, but here ya go.


That’s a good link.

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That will help out those looking to clone a certain flavor.I have used several recipes found there when I first started to DIY.
I have since found out how hard it is to make a spot on clone.Good thing it isn’t hard to make a clone that is close enough in most cases.Sometimes you get one that you actually like better!:yum:

Deadly Sin clone (Kriga)V2

Ingredient %
Butterscotch (FA) 3
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
RY4 Double (TPA) 5
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 16%

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Excellent post man! Thanks for this, I’ll definitely be trying a few of these out :yum:


Thanks for this. Some pretty interesting ones in there. :ok_hand:

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I would take a LOT of the recipes in that list with a huge pinch of salt. I found it when I began mixing, and found some of them on other recipe sites, like the Claim your throne - which is way, way off. 6% sweet cream?? lol … that would taste like old socks after a few weeks. Bit like the Beard #05 “clone” I see do the rounds on here. The 10% NY cheesecake and 5% sweet strawberry. Again … NOTHING like Beard 05.

Some of them are probably decent, but like I say, just know if it sounds well off to what you know the original to be, it probably is.