SolubArome flavorings

Hello dear comunity.

Got interested in SolubArome flavorings but cannot try them because I’m from Israel and none of the websites are shipping to us…

Is there anyone from France or UK here that can help me up with an order? Will order flavorings to your adress and then will be grateful if you’ll send the package to Israel? :pray:t2:

Will send you money via PayPal for the shipment.

Thanks :heart:


Can you name which concentrates you want to obtain.

A few of us could order concentrates and have them sent to you but, sending to Israel tends to create a two month customs delay- worse than getting things to China.


Hello dear friend :wave:t2::sun_with_face:

Thank you for your desire to help, I really appreciate that! :black_heart:

Have couple of questions to you:

  1. Have tried SolubArome flavors yourself? If yes, what do you think about them?
  2. Why there’s a problem to shop to Israel? :man_shrugging:t2:

Solub Arome has couple of standouts, but generally they are not top rated brand / by average quality of flavors (think 2015 flavors like OOO, TPA; so another 400+ flavors company, weak flavors, just a few spectacular and worth to buy flavors). My recommendation would be to rather look for other brands (not to mention the lack of recipes or easy buying).

I’d assume SolubArome company ships to Israel; if not then does (they don’t hold many SA, but they do ship to IS - it means you can search around and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for).


I have tried a fair few of them and only a few, particularly beverages, stand out from the crowd. As @Mikester has already said, other ranges are far superior in quality and economy.

I have always had issues each time I have had to get a package into Israel. It tops China for delays, customs challenges and general malaise. I send things in and out of China all the time, so I am used to playing with regulations.

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