SOLVED! Brit Beast tank leaking

Hello Vapors

Im a big fan of SMOK tanks, mostly the baby and the brit.
I have 3 Brit tanks. The 2 of them with no issues.
However the last one is leaking quite much after refill.
After a period of time the leaking stops.
I cant figure out why its leaking.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Have you checked so the o-rings that seals the glass is sitting as they should. If one or both of them isn’t sitting perfect it will give you a leak. Might as well check the other o-rings as well. That is what i can think of right now.


All the rings are checked and double checked. They all seems fine.
A defect ring would make sense if it leaked all the time. But its only for a short time after refilling the tank.
Thanks for your reply.

Does it have juice flow control?
If not i would turn the tank upside down when i tighten the top cap after filling it to even out the pressure in the tank and not having all that pressure on the coil part.

Put the top cap on and start screw it on and turn the tank and tighten it. Just try if that helps, if not i don’t have a clue to what causing it since i don’t own one myself.


Dammit :grin:
Even though the o rings seemed fine, I dismounted the two in the top and compared them to new ones.
Both seemed a bit thicker so I changed them and that did the trick.
Thanks :+1:


Glad it worked out for you.


Brit beast tank…where have found the orings and seals at? I cant find them anywhere

On a side note, some concentrates make o-rings swell…

Also, if your beast leaks shortly after filling try hitting it a few times to regain that slight vacuum. I found with mine that if I fill it and walk away it would leak every time. Taking a few rips from it after filling solved the problem for me.

Hi guys! I also have a leak problem with the brit beast. Frantically looking for the o Rings, so I can replace them. I found them at the link posted above, but they don’t ship to the USA. Any help is highly appreciated!