Some bad news about vaping down under?

@woftam @benzo i missed the fresh03 show . The show was about some news ( bad )out of Australia regarding vaping . What is going on down there


The South Australian government are banning the online purchase of vape gear. I am not sure how they think (or if), but they have classified all vape gear (including batteries) as tobacco products (which is kinda weird since we cannot buy juice with nicotine in it here). South Au has a current law forbidding the purchase of tobacco products online.

It will mean that the sale of online gear to anyone in South Australia is illegal which is totally unenforceable since they have no jurisdiction over other states or countries, I just hope no other state follows suit.

On a side note their ill-conceived legislation will also ban the purchase of asthma inhalers online as well.


For more information:


smfh thats just freaking crazy… ive been buying a mod here and there and stocking up bc i do believe we will go that route as well … im also buying Nicotine in the 250ml size. The nicotine in those sizes are more expensive but my goal is to keep them factory sealed. This attack on people who vape is crazy , i hope this doesnt affect you and always remember you have people here that will ship to you… ty for the info i really didnt feel like replaying the fresh program to find out lol ( way too busy)


Na i am in Victoria so it will have minimal effect on me - Vapoureyes who are in Sth Au will be looking for a new home though I expect. The Vaping Bogan will have all sorts to say about this at some stage (he also works at vapoureyes).


That is bordering on criminal stupidity.


me too. i am doing the same.


yes ive noticed , and am tha n kful for the links in the good deal thread


B&M stores will survive… where else are vapers going to buy their shit? If they can’t buy it online, they’ll have to turn to the shops.
Similar legislation is already in effect in Belgium since January 2017. It’ll sure be a different experience and it’ll be a deterrent for smokers to switch to vaping.

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Belgium 30,528 km²
South Australia 984,377 km²

Not so easy to get to a shop

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That’s a fact, but maybe it’ll even create more opportunities for local shops since nobody can buy online anymore

I’m not supportive of this legislation, anywhere, just saying that vaping bogan sees things a little too pessimistic

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The only vapes shops in Sth Australia are in Adelaide some people would have to travel up to 12hrs by car to get to Adelaide - I know you don’t agree with the laws but comparing South Australia to Belgium in that people can get to a vape store is not the case at all. A few of Australia’s biggest vape suppliers are in Sth Australia.

It would be a better comparison if someone living in Belgium would have to drive to Italy to pick up some juice and a vape mod (mind you that is the extreme example)

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That’s a fair statement but not the point I was trying to make.
The reason why you have so little B&M shops, is because it’s so easy to order online, negating the need for B&M stores.
Bogan is saying in his video that the whole industry (including B&M stores) will be killed off. I don’t think that’s true based on what I’ve seen happening in Belgium. People will buy vape gear and liquids, increasing the need for B&M stores so you’ll have more stores popping up with such legislation.
In Belgium you’ll find a B&M store in every little village nowadays because the online industry has been killed off. People will keep buying stuff and if there’s a need, there will be supply.

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The vaping landscape (and landscape) in our countries is very different the whole state is as I mentioned 984,377 km² and has a population of just over 3 million - it is simply not a feasible expectation to have a vape shop in a town that may have 5 residents with an outlying population of 50 within 100 km. Sure Adelaide has more than half the population of the state but that leaves the other half in a position that makes it impossible for them to get anything vape related except purchasing from international vendors. Simply put without online sales many of the B&M will have to close up shop and move interstate.

As I mentioned some of Australia’s biggest vape suppliers (and wholesalers) are in South Australia including vapoureyes where Bogan works. I don’t see what he is saying as pessimistic at all - it is a fact that South Australians who vape are going to be put in the position where many of them will consider it too hard to continue and many more will simply not get the chance to try unless the Federal Government makes its own laws that overrule the state laws. Some other states will likely follow suit since that is how retarded governments think.


let’s hope for those people that the remaining 6 months can be used to overturn the new laws or find some loopholes. I find it hard to imagine what life must be like for people like that. Surely ANY shop will have a difficult time surviving for such small communities.