Some help with TFV8

Hi everyone,
So after a whole lot of searching for a new tank, I decided to go for the Smok TFV8.
Let me just say that it’s so good that I think it just made anything else just taste like nothing!

I only ever used RTAs before. So I’m new to the experience.

I loved the T8 coil and the RBA. But the Q4 is…
Well I tried the oe that came with the tank and didn’t like it, it kept kinda spitting g at me, everytime I go to take a hit, I get what would feel like a very fine mist and maybe a little blob of juice here and there. I might even call it a wet vape. No gargling though.
Been vaping between 90 - 95 watts.
I tossed that one out and bought some new q4 coils and got the same thing. Is it cuz it’s new or is there a problem with it that I can fix?

And also. I love the RBA. The pre installed coils that came with it were great. Kept it at around 90 watts. Question is, how can I get that same coil build and flavor?
I have some demon killer alien wire, would that work?

And if it helps, I have the tank on my Rx 2/3 using 3 cells

@Naquita, i do have other TFV tanks and they are my favorites - but not the TFV8 (big clouds not my domain.
Spitting can actually be caused by your juice. especially if you say you tried different coils and you’re still getting the spits. try a different juice and see if you still get the spitting

also different juices may have different temp or wattage sweetspots - beyond that spot (or range) the juice would “boil” instead of vaporizing - variables here are the juice viscosity and the wick/coil layout. guess what i’m saying is :), try to lower the wattage to say 60, and work your way up adding 5 each time. the best spot for me, is that when I take a “pull”, I’m not making “effort” - at the same time, it’s not too hot that the tank is pushing the vapor in my mouth. i usually get used to the “sound” of that spot for a certain tank

these are couple of tricks that may help (with any coil/tank)
for your RBA, it’s really up to you. in my TFV4 RBA, i alternate between a simple 2-strand twisted SS or a clapton - coil size is proportional to the chamber space inside the RBA. not too small “baby” coil, and not too big to prevent a good airflow inside the chamber. covers the airflow hole properly (no blind extensions). maybe some YT vids can help there.

good luck with your new beast :slight_smile:

_funny thing is, i responded while installing new coils into my TF-RDTA :slight_smile: _
the ones i have are spitting at me - not due to juice, but they are overdue a change and i already cleaned them couple of times.

Coils dont need cleaning, … Just hot fire them before you wick and that will clean them also make sure it’s arching from centre outwards and there are no hot spots.

If using cc coils premade use once, make sure you prime your new coil with juice and let it sit for 10 mins for the cotton to get juiced all over before firing up your mod.

If you burn the cotton on your new coil it will spitt back at you for burning it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thanks for the advice, but i’m afraid the dry burn alone won’t work. these were SS claptons (i wrap my own wires), totally gunked due to a sweeter juice. when i wrapped these claptons, i used 26/30 - and i know this gauge combination produces a lot more heat than my usual 28/34 - so what they were spitting at me was not juice.

after dry burn, the coils need to be run under water and cleaned with a brush to take the burnt gunk out completely or it will stick to next wick - but i’ve already done that couple times before so decided to throw away and replace with something with less heat capacity and better ramp. put a pair of twisted 26/28 @2.3mm ID 7 wraps each and the tank is happier now :slight_smile:

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Ok dip in wite vinigar for half anhour then dry burn, white vinegar will clean them good, sorry for the verrrrrrrry late reply but maybe you can use white vinegar in the future even cleaning your rdas and tanks, thats what i use :slight_smile:

I use the tfv8 with the quad coils as my “out and about” vape lately (rdas at home). I find they excel on high VG juice. I mainly vape 80/20 or 90/10 juices on it and the flavor and vapor is some of the best I’ve ever had. Not saying thats your problem but I could certainly see thinner higher pg juices spitting and having trouble in those huge attys.

@Rob62 mr coil man may be able to help