Some more new labels I have been working on. Let me know what you think pls

I enjoy printing out my own too. I use Gimp (photo shop), print on standard paper and “laminate” both sides w/ thick (HD duck brand) clear tape then just tape it on so it s easy to remove and re-use. although they are a lot less 'whimsical" , they have important info such as vg/pg,nic %, date mixed and best on date. There are other threads on ELR about labels to check out what others have done to get more ideas but yours look great!!


Thanks worm1 I thought about putting a BOD and EXP on the labels also but I go through the juice so fast it would end up taking up room on the labels for nothing lol :wink:


Thanks very Much Cloud_Academics
Yes they are very cartoonish but I wanted them to be fun and laughable and not serious in any way.
Also tried to use play on words for the names and descriptions. The friends I give juice to like them a lot so I try to keep coming up with weirder and funnier labels for them.
Thanks again!


I bought a DYMO labelWriter 400 Turbo at a goodwill thrift store for $10.00(±), I have had a great time making my own labels. It is a thermal printer, does b&w labels, does do images, and I put the entire recipe on them and the date so I can look at what % everything is at while sampling. But they are not liquid resistant.